HOW TO HAIKU workshop, August 1 : LUSENET : Aware : One Thread

Read and discuss the haiku finalist and grand-prize entries from the August 1 class.

Alumni and civilians, welcome.

-- gary (, August 25, 2002


I thought you might be interested in my attempt to put to use what you taught us in the haiku class August 1st. I have been trying to write a haiku every day and have written 14 (?) counting two I saved from the class. After working each of them over several times, I scored them all according to your method. The two with the highest scores are shown below. I would be interested in your comments.
Tony Green

Silent beach houses

still boarded up for winter

girl lifts shell to ear.

Halloween sunrise

dewey orb weaverís web pearls

catch the light.

-- Anthony Green (, August 25, 2002.
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