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I'm the one who started this bulletin board.

My name's Gary, and I live in San Francisco, where I write, swim in the Bay, and everything.

My home page is .i.n.t.e.r.b.e.i.n.g.

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If you want to sample other bulletin boards using this software, that've been around for a while, visit I Love Music, Dairygoats, and Edgar Allen Poe

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But enough about me ...

What's it like being you ?

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-- gary (haiku@word.to), August 25, 2002



-- Your Full Name (-- gary (haiku@word.to)), September 01, 2003.

اصلحہ خان توڑا بوڑی

-- دیوبندی (Your@Email.Address), November 20, 2003.

Im am (Censored) my real name has no meaning. i will remain mysterious.

-- (Censored) ((censored)@(censored).net), March 08, 2005.

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