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We gave up our home after we received a letter from the Abbey advising they were going to reposess our home due to arrears of about 3,000. We wrote a letter and enclosed the keys and handed them in to one of their branches.

After SARNING them, I've notice there's no POSESSION ORDER OR MJO.

I'm being chased for over 11,000 evem though I had a MIG.

The question is does it make any difference if there was no posession order or should I write to the Abbey and ask them if they got one??


-- too scared to say (Anderston828@aol.com), August 25, 2002


It does not make any difference there not being a possession order because if you have simply voluntarily given up possession, there is no need for them to obtain an order to make you give up possession.

There will not be a MJO because they did not apply for a PO.

-- David Button (davidjohnbutton@supanet.com), August 25, 2002.

I had a possession order against me on my property, but I didn't have a MJO. The bank thought it was not necessary to apply for a MJO at that time, maybe at a later date.

Is it possible to have a possession order and not a MJO?

-- Bal (baljinder_gill0@hotmail.com), August 27, 2002.


Se the posting on Possession & Money Judgement Orders below. Yes a PO without a MJO is possible.


-- Mike (mail@resdev.freeserve.co.uk), August 27, 2002.

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