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I understand the basic concept of how a vacuum pot works, but I am needing to know how I actually go about using the pot. From an answer to a different Cory pot question, I gather that the Cory pot does not use a cloth filter, just the glass rod. Is this so? Also, should I not use it on an electric stove, or use a diffuser if I do so?

-- Rachel Jorgensen (, August 24, 2002


I have several glass vacuum coffee makers which I do use regularly. You put the water in the bottom pot, glass filter rod in the top with the coffee and connect the two. Heat up the bottom and the water boils and rises to the top and mixes with coffee. I let mine go about two minutes up top then remove from heat and the coffee goes back to the bottom and that's it. I haven't used it on an electric stove, only the stove that comes with the pot. I would guess that you would be able to use the electric stove just make sure the pot doesn't come into direct contact with the element.

-- tim (, September 12, 2002.

Go to for ALL things related to coffee, especially vacuum pots such as the Cory.


-- Jimbo (, September 30, 2002.

Need to buy parts for Cory Coffee maker

-- Viola Garduno (, December 08, 2002.

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