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Hi, have recently got a s/d set aside and am in the process of gathering info from Britannia Money plc which is hard in coming as they are reluctant and as i have found from their summary statement that they have sent, tons of massaging of figures etc. My dilemma that i now face is i have been receiving odd postcards from International Intelligence Ltd & International Global Couriers addressed to my Ex/wife,I am negotiating this shortfall which was in joint names so why are they trying to harass and pester me with these letters etc, when she doesn't even live with me and i am dealing with the shortfall.

-- Mohammed Aleem (, August 24, 2002


If her name was on the mortgage she is joint and severally liable, but what they are trying to do is establish that there is still a connection between you two so that they can count her income and assets in when they go to court. (They can anyway if she was a mortgagor). Age old trick.

-- Too scared to say (, August 24, 2002.

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