I've managed to find out the name and telephone number of the people who bought my house at a bargain price and I want to try and find out if maybe they worked for someone (ie the Abbey, Estate Agent) involved in my case.

Does anyone have any ideas??

I had thought of preparing a few set questions and pose as market researchers acting for the Abbey or someone else with a view to finding out from they what they worked at. Is this a good idea or a bit silly?

If you want to find out who's in your house now and have suspicions as I have log on to and check their electoral roll search facility using the address only. give you a few free searches so it won't cost anything.

Any advice anyone??


too scared to say.

-- too scared to say (, August 24, 2002


Be nice and knock on the door.

They can only tell you go away.

Good Luck.

-- Harry (, August 24, 2002.

Before anyone uses to do an electoral roll search you may wish to check their terms and conditions:

Your confidential info doesn't exactly stay that way once you register and tick that little old box.

-- Too scared to say (, August 25, 2002.

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