Halifax- Hoorah

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Thanks to all the helpful advice given on this site me and my partner sarned the halifax over our shortfall and discovered a few mistakes including the fact that they had withheld the house from sale for 2 years with a view to renting it and tried to charge me for maintenance and interest while they faffed around.We questioned them about this repeatedly and they offered us settlement of a 33000 shortfall for 5000.I said no ,pointed out more inaccuracies and offered them 800.They said this wasnt enough.I sent another list of unanswerable questions regarding the sale and an offer of 1000 and ive just got a letter telling me they have accepted my offer.Thankyou to all concerned

-- nope (nope@nope.com), August 23, 2002


Excellent news! Well done! This just goes to show that careful examination of a lender's actions and persistent requests for strict proof of claim can put us in a position where a small 'face-saving' (on their part) payment can resolve large shortfall claims. Congratulations!

-- Gordon Bennet (arsenewhinger@hotmail.com), August 27, 2002.

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