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Anybody have the NMRA published 1953 ORER or a version post WW2 but pre 1958..and...a scanner? I need the ART section copied and emailed to me for an article. I have a 1958 and 1943, but I'm looking for changes in the ART fleet between those years.

thanx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Buck Dean (bdean@jngray.com), August 21, 2002


Buck, If the above isn't enough I have the Westerfield ORER on a CD for 1958. Let me know. john

-- John Edwards (anjedwards@enter.net), August 27, 2002.

Sorry, Russ, been out of the office for awhile. The 1948 one would be useful for sure. Speaking of which, I have some stuff to mail back to you.

I have your address, do you still have mine? Email me off forum here at the "office".


Buck Dean

-- Buck Dean (bdean@jngray.com), August 27, 2002.

Buck, I have 1948, 1951, 1953(NMRA version) and 1955. No scanner, but will xerox ART from any or all of the above in place in tomorrow's mail if you like. Assume ART is American Refrigerator Transit.

Russell Tedder

-- Russell Tedder (srtedder@arkansas.net), August 23, 2002.

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