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To all the small minded,short sited people who come on this site moaning about it's very existence. This site would not exist and indeed could not if it were not for the fact that a lot of lenders shirk their responsibility and duty of care to the general public,if they actually sat down with a lot of the poor sods that find their way here[ because the Government does not offer any solution] they would I am sure find find a way for them to keep their homes and avoid repossession. But it seems that the only answer most understand is to threaten, intimidate and then take away the property,then sit back and work out how to threaten,snoop and intimidate again. Now I don't say it is always this way as some people do extract the urine, Mortgage companies do however have a duty of care [the same as every other body serving the general public] and in this department most are sadly failing some to the point of actually breaking the law. I am sure this site serves to do something that should have been addressed by the government a long time ago and that is to give some people a very necassary life line, I would imagine it is quite probable it could have saved a life as it acts as a bit of a safety valve. Now if you moan that this site is showing people how to avoid debt surely that would be illegal and prosecutions would result[after all the mortgage companies would love an excuse would they not?] The only way to judge this site is by the facts.1, after using this site some people get a reasonable service from companies who realise that they have been caught with their pants down,2, it helps stop companies when they are committing illegal acts against members of the general public,3, it gives the person in the street access to a wealth of information that they certainly could not find and a lot could not otherwise afford. THIS SITE HAS MASSIVE SUPPORT AND I FOR ONE AM VERY GLAD THAT I FOUND IT!!!!

Now for one of my failings, sorry for any typo's,bad punctuation, spelling etc etc.......

-- David (, August 21, 2002


Well said.

-- (, August 21, 2002.

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