Were the police trying to cure bear's hunger by filling it with bullets?

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Bear hungry. Bear look for things to eat. Picnic-basket size or smaller is good, live food is even better. Humans go into Bear territory, bring many things for Bear to eat. Humans leave small living thing in easy place for Bear. Bear eat. Humans kill Bear.

Entire story makes sense, except for the ending.


Bear kills 5-month-old girl in New York

Mon Aug 19,11:19 PM ET

By CONNOR ENNIS, Associated Press Writer

FALLSBURG, New York - A bear killed a 5-month-old girl after knocking her out of a stroller and dragging the infant into the woods, police said.

The baby had been near the porch of a vacation bungalow Monday with family members when the black bear approached, said Fallsburg Police Chief Brent Lawrence.

The mother shuttled her 4- and 2-year-old children inside, Lawrence said. When she returned outside, the infant was gone.

Witnesses told police the young bear had little Ester Schwimmer in its mouth as it ambled into dense woods 20 feet from the bungalow.

"It may be the first season that it may have been on its own, and it may very well have perceived this infant as a food source," Lawrence said. "I wouldn't categorize it as an attack as far as a running, snarling attack."

Isaac Abraham said people desperately tried to save the girl.

"People started chasing the bear, throwing rocks at it," he said.

The bear dropped the infant, but she had severe injuries to her head and neck, and was pronounced dead at a hospital, Lawrence said.

Officers with the Department of Environmental Conservation and local police tracked the bear into the woods and shot it.

Ward Stone, the state's chief wildlife pathologist, said it was the first time he could remember a black bear killing a human.

"In all my many years, 34 summers, we've had them eat birdseed, get into trouble eating dog food in people's yards but black bears are just not noted for attacking humans," Stone said.

The girl's family was from the New York City borough of Brooklyn, officials said.

The attack happened in the Catskills region about 70 miles (113 kilometers) northwest of New York City, in the heart of what is known as the Borscht Belt. Big hotels and bungalows attracted thousands of visitors each summer, many of them Jewish families from New York City.

-- (police use @ interesting. logic), August 20, 2002


This is an outrage! The bear simply needed counseling. It was the child's fault for tempting the bear.

-- (Petulant Petula @ PETA.pestering), August 21, 2002.

Can hardly blame an innocent 5-month old child, but his mother sure is dumb. Wether or not she will need counseling will of course have to wait until after they first install a brain that is at least capable of processing common sense functions.

-- (don't feed @ the. bears), August 21, 2002.

I've been in a situation with multiple kids in danger from a carnivore. The kids will invariably scream and scatter. This woman picked up two who were possibly old enough to scatter. Logically, she saved the highest number possible given that she had only two hands. Personally, I'd have taken on the bear. The bear weighed significantly more than I do, however, and I suppose it could have gotten past me and gotten to one of three other targets.

She'll never get over it. Does that help?

-- helen (have@you.ever.done.triage?), August 21, 2002.

I don't think it is possible for a 5-month old to scatter, it couldn't even walk yet. It was left vulnerable out away from the house in a stroller, much like a lunch sitting in a wide open picnic basket.

-- Boo-Boo (Yogi's friend) (bears like pik-uh-nik baskets @ trust me. I know), August 23, 2002.

"out away from the house" doesn't jibe with "near the porch" or "ambled...20 feet from the bungalow."

Most people aren't smart about bears but not taking 3 little kids into bear country even with neighbors close enough to be "throwing rocks" will doubtless be the toughest lesson this young mother ever learns.

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), August 23, 2002.

The bear issue is another example of corporate greed. Bears are wild animals. They eat everything, including other animals. Ninety years ago, greedy capitalist criminals began an insidious campaign to convince American children that bears are cute and cuddly. The motivation was to sell stuffed Teddy Bears. As a result, when children see a real bear, they think they can hug it. The bears do what comes naturally---they eat these tasty kiddie treats.

PETA is initiating a class action suit against the greedy capitalist manufacturers of Teddy Bears.

-- (Petulant Petula @ PETA.pissing), August 23, 2002.

Petulant, you miss the point. The bears encouraged the greedy capitalist pigs to do this. They knew if they improved their image, it would be easier to gobble up little kids. That is why I am also suing the bears.

-- dr. pibb (drpibb@new.formula), August 24, 2002.

If I was that kid I would sue my mother for feeding me to the bears.

-- (what@dumb.cunt), August 24, 2002.

Fuck you all. I'm suing the whole fucking lot of you. Get out of my fucking forest, you assholes, or I'll eat more of your kids.

-- (the@be.ar), August 25, 2002.

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