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Can someone tell me with some certainty what Southern F units in the Black scheme ran along the line from North Alabama to points east or west. I need road no's as well as wether these road no's were on F3's F7's and FT's. I also need to know if they were on a units or b units The accuracy of these numbers is extremely important. Once again I need the no's only on the BLACK units. I will explain the importance of accurate no's in a later post.

-- Steve Kennedy (yitlin@nadata.com), August 20, 2002


Steve, what time period? From 1941-1947, Southern's FTs and F3s originally came in black w/ duluxe gold stripes and lettering. In 1949, the F7s came in green w/ duluxe gold, and all the FTs and F3s were gradually repainted into the same scheme. With the advent of the SD24s in 1958, the scheme reverted to black, but this time, the stripes and lettering were in gold leaf (or metallic gold). In addition, when the FTs and the F3s were arriving, they were gradually deployed on specific lines. During the 1950's, the F-units were used generally throughout the Southern System, but I'd say they had specifix assignments to particular divisions. Give some more detail on your need, and I'll see what I can find out.

-- Fred Williams (fdwms@msn.com), September 18, 2002.

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