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Look like TPC is interested is selling thier Ducati shares.

Someone once mentioned if MV's deal with Piaggio falls through, Ducati would probably pickup MV Agusta. With the current situation, I wonder if that's still possible.

Are the Italian marquees in trouble?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, August 20, 2002


Where did you here that at? about Ducati picking up Mv. I'm trying to decide on getting the Mv F4 or hoping the F5 will be released next year.

-- Tabari (, August 21, 2002.

That was just pure speculation. I believe the source was an e-mail thread in Yahoo forums. MV sources are rather easy to track because there arenít too many MV boards out there. The thread discussed the Piaggio (sp) deal falling threw and possible financial problems with MV. At one point someone speculated that MV wouldnít die another manufacturer would absorb it because it is too high profile just to fade a way. Someone then speculated Ducati would absorb MV Agusta. Again, itís all speculation.

In regards to MV stopping production, Iíve heard from several people (some from the Yahoo e-group and my locale dealer) that theyíve toured the Cagiva plant and saw rows of MV Agusta and MV parts. Unfortunately, there are so many rumors and misinformation going around, itís hard to know whatís going on.

In regards to the F5, I believe it will make its debut at Milan. So, in a few weeks, Iím sure weíll get some strong information on the F5. I think, somewhere, I saw a list of bike that were to appear at Milan, and the F5 was listed. The source for that was a link on DucatiInfopopÖ.or was it on this board? Iíll try to find it and post it here.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, August 21, 2002.

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