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Sent sarn last week to n bank. Have recieved letter from them with a "request" for my ex husbands written permission as without it they can not provide any information on what was a joint current account and a joint mortgage. This is "because the bank has a duty of confidentiality to each of us" They have also sent a form not for income & exp as i was expecting but a search identifaction form - consisting of 5 parts details of my address, phone no. signature and relationship with bank! A part for connected persons identification and signature - my account details whether open or closed and credit card information . I will be following advice found on other parts of this site as far as signing things and giving no information goes but I can not get in touch with ex and need to know if I am entitled to access to info without his co operation? The accounts were only ever that one or the other could sign - no double signatures were ever needed. Would greatly appreciate any one who has knowledge of this to help. dg

-- dg (, August 20, 2002


Forgot to mention they also asked for a payment of 10.00 per part.

-- dg (, August 20, 2002.

If you had a joint account with either to sign then I do not think you need to get the authority of the other party.

Some banks will try to charge you 10 for each section requested, and each person reported.

If you want information about YOU held by the bank then you are entitled to it. And the maximum charge is 10 for your information.

If in doubt then call the Information Commissioner help line on 01625- 545700, they are busy but helpful.

Good Luck.

-- Harry (, August 23, 2002.

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