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As an concert promoter and booking agent I can tell you the #1 reason raves are hard to find. Promoters like me are afraid of them!!! There is to much heat with raves. The x has really gotten out of hand with the whole scene. Many promoters like myself are still waiting to find out what is going to happen to the two promoters down in New Orleans who were charged by the US Attorney's office with the "crack house" law. Whether they will win is a toss up. Look I'm into my early 30's and I know what it is to be bored. Looking for a party or anything to do. I mean it would be know problem to get a party going. I could probably do a decent rave for about $2500. And make a KILLING. If it weren't for the police cracking down on "raves", "parties", raves could be an absolute goldmine. I tell you what, if anyone out there has any ideas, let me know. I'm always looking for new ideas and always interested in making money. That's why I'm in business. Talk to me.......


-- Anonymous, August 19, 2002



I agree on your theory. It is true, this drug has gotten way out of proportion. I am not condoning the use, I just don't agree with it. Anyways, Raves can make a lot of money for sponsors (ie water, food, glow sticks, parephenelia... etc). Yes, Cops will try to bust them down. However, that doesn't mean that they can always ruin it. I believe that if we were to start a rave and cover ourselves behind the law. For example, if a bunch of renegade cops bust in, we should ask for a warrant. Stuff like that, also true ravers will not go to a night club that is highly known for non electronica music for a "rave" . It needs to be in a location they will comfortable with. Buy a few feet of land, make it into a private residence and have it as an open invite. There are so many technicalitites in the the law that we can pretty much get away with a lot of things.

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2002

I agree. Last year in Raleigh the rave scene was pretty dead and there were few clubs that even played electronica and the ones that di mixed it with more HIP HOP than house or techno. Then this whole BS glowstick law came into effect where glowsticks and binkys (pacifiers) are now considered paraphalia. We had a 150 person rave at our house in a nice quiet neighborhood in north raleigh. My roomate has some experience spinning so he setup his turn tables. There was X there. I even had some myself. But no one living in the house was selling and we didn't ask anyone there if they were selling. This was my bday party and we kicked it out right. Even this get together had undercover there. They were very obvious and I won't give any details. This was just a celebration and people having a good time. I have never been to a rave and seen violence. Back years ago when I was partying in other scenes I saw violence and worse drugs done. I feel the only reason raves have a bad name is the X. The only reason that X is the most demonified drug of our time is because of the age of the primary users. Teens. I can rave without the X as a matter of fact I haven't dropped in nearly a year. I have been to some excellent venues out of state over the summer. It is just so dead here. Besides raves it even seems like the only club here that can keep it's doors open is the Redneck lounge "The Longbranch". Oh well I just needed to vent on that whole thing.

Later P.L.U.R.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002

I agree with you totally. I am watching the scene be destroyed by E. E has played a huge part in the rave scene since the beginning. E has changed alot people's lives. When i went to my first rave, I rolled the first time and it gave me this inner peace and since of belonging that i had never felt before and from that day on I knew this was my home. Now i don't even need E and i love going to raves and not rolling, although i still do from time to time and its my own personal decision. This same drug that has brought all these people together and help create this scene is also destroying it. I guess its inevitable. All good things come to an end. There are too many people there that are there just because they heard its a great place to score some E or some other drugs. They could care less about the music or the vibe or anyone else around them. Its a sad fact that its come down to this and sometimes i think about leaving the scene because of this, but then i realize if I am a "true raver" as some would say then i would know that its not over till the last record spins. See all the true ravers are like hippies, we are going to be holding on to this scene 30 years from now, and after all the drugs are all gone, we are still going to be dancing our asses of and maybe by then the scene will be back underground where it belongs. peace out and p.L.u.R

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002

Long Branch? I live just down the road. But E... Ruining the rave scene?? No my friends its fuckin cops; Old people afraid of youth and change. E is the only thing they have on us and so they make it illegal and rub it in our faces! You say all good things come to an end? The idea of no more raves makes me honestly scared. I nearly cried when I read that. I didn't even cry when Bambies mother died! We can not allow this to happen! WE MUST FIGHT BACK! Have we learned nothing from the Beastie Boys? I don't know what exactly to do I'm just a kid. But I'll do anything I have to. Yes there is more to being a raver than rolling and there is more to being a hippie than smoking pot. But Pot is a part hippie heritage and ecstasy is part of Rave culture it's not going away, even if Raves do. I believe if users were more responsible in not taking to much and knowing what there taking (Viva La DanceSafe Viva)then we might not have so many deaths. Which statistically speaking is not that high and pails in comparison to tobacco and alcohol. Though we are all about partying we need to protest and learn from the hippie movement and stop being "afraid" and fight for what we know is right and good and true!!! Die? It's better to go down with a fighting, than give up everything we hold dear giving up who we are. I think that I said too much or have I said enough?!


-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

The whole "rave law" thing does suck, but seriously, think about it...we did it to ourselves. What do you think parents, law enforcement officials and other "adults" think when they see high school and even junior high kids in huge pants, stickers, colored beads, and pacifiers??? They think "drugs are bad, ummm kay." It looks rediculous. An event that doesn't begin until midnight and lasts until the next day? What is that? In a way I see the point of law enforcement calling it a "crack house." We just need to get the support of the local clubs to support 18 and over events with security that end by 2 or 4 am. I would get searched at the door to hear good music. How is that considered a "rave?" I hope it doesn't get to the point of where they can't even have weekly events. Where if there is a set of tables and a dj it is a crack house! That would suck. Who wants these people the police are cracking down on there anyways? Middle school kidz and Scum selling pills and shit to 12 year olds so they can roll on the floor and blow up while mom and dad think they're at a slumber party. It does suck I guess for the kids who are under 18 who want to see certain dj's, but I guess they will just have to wait until they're adults, right? Well, I'm going to bed. Later

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

HELL NO! raves coming to an end? thats like the world with out the sun to me?! being a raver is the bigest part of me! its who i am, and if they take that away from me then what do i have?! this is geting way outta hand! people need to lear that its not about the drugs its about the music and the vibe! there is no where else in the world that has a better vibe then in a good rave! its the only place in the world where i feel at home. And cops can shut down all the raves but that dosent mean that people are going to stop rolling, most people just have roll parties at the own houses now. botton line is that if people want the pills that bad they dont need to go to a rave to get it. they will find it somewhere else. hell when i 1st started rolling i didnt go to a rave till 6 months after my 1st time. Dont blame the raves blame the people. And are one of the ones that wont let the go down with out a fight! after all that the rave world has givin us dont you think that we should atlest fight?!!! i think so..

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2002

dont care! i still go to the clubs and dance my ass off.E is stuiped you know does nothing for me. took 3 80g pills nothing dont know why nothing.I throw up in 20 min. so i dance the leav by 3 in the moring.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2002

As a local party kid here in the Seattle area, I feel so horribly for all of you on the East coast. The scene here is out of control. For a while all of the true Party Kidz stopped going to "massives" in the Seattle area because it became so commercialized. We were having partys with attendence up close to 15,000 people. There were a few that have been promoted on local radio stations and flyers are around the city. But we still have the people bitch about what we have and that is rediculous. E was a major factor in the closing of a beloved venue site called NAF studios. We have had numerous incidents i.e deaths overdoses and underage kids going home and having their partents find out that proper id check was not involved. All of you over there check out this is the local cultre site with upcoming partys and true forums with discussions going on all the time. Nation wide top djs' post comments here (most recently AK1200 who will be here on 12-13-02) Some upcoming artists include Oakenfold, Dave Aude, Dj Mea, Bad Boy Bill, Our own Donald Glaude, Dj Bailey, Josh the Funky 1 and John B to name a few. So check out this site and which posts pictures of past parties. As for promoters over there guys get on these sites and talk with local promoters who can give you advice and help you out. Not to mention being in contact with locals here in the NW that would absolutly love to come play. Thank You for your time and good luck do not give up remember that the party is what you make of it! -WaveRunner-

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2002

im gonna make dis short but sweeeet. BENEFIT PARTIES.a low cover with food cloths toys donations ect.plur only U can keep it going "AFTER THA RAIN CUMS THA SUN"

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2002

I think that there should be a law that lets cops do the searching at the front door like most of the parties then the promoters wouldnt get into trouble if there were drugs.. You know. This new law was b.s. Its just a way for the government to suppress people. Anyways, ya you should get a private place and promote. I can't picture the world without Raves. No way. plur pat

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2003

Pointless rant: let it die, cuz things well nver be they way they where . We can always talk about how things where back in the day, but it's sad and pathetic to try relive it .(you end up looking like that 50 year old buisness exec riding down the highway on a harley .) Besides it's not like electronic music is dead and since all the trend happy scenesters are gone you know have real creative freedom to do something new and different . CREATE YOUR OWN UNDERGROUND, CUZ THE RAVE IS STIGMATIZED .

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2003

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