Would like to find photo(s) of the Lithonia, GA depot (GaRR)

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Hi Folks! I grew up in the Lithonia, GA area but never remember seeing the depot. I might have been 2 or 3 years old when it was torn down. I would dearly love to find photos of this depot. The one photo I got a glimpse of showed it to be a beautiful structure. A bit of history. The depot was built in 1926 entirely of local stone (granite)from the 4 large quarrying operations in the area. Each of these operations were rail served and (according to a very old newspaper clipping I once saw) they donated the stone for the depot. It replaced the wooden structure that was on the opposite side of the track in downtown Lithonia. My dad at one time in his youth started to learn morse from the operator but never pursued a railroad career. (I guess I did that for him, now working for CSX). I would like to find photos for him and my collection as well. Any leads would be appreciated! Thanks! Kevin Wood CSX Atlanta Locomotive Ops.

P.S. great to see everyone at the Atlanta show.

-- Kevin Wood (kevwood@mindspring.com), August 19, 2002

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