Why is south Indian classical called "CARNATIC"?

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While carnatic music is widely recognised as a Vedic (Divine) traced back to 14th-15th cnturies, and is reported to be widely practised in Tamilnadu, India and to a lesser extent in Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, what is the background to use of the word "KARNATIC" ?

Will you please explain?

Thank you~

-- Ramakrishna (hgrreddy@vsnl.net), August 19, 2002


It is known as Carnatic music derived from sanscrit word carnatic menaning that which is sweet for the ears.

-- venkatesh (svenkatesh@aflwiz.com), September 11, 2002.

Purandara dasaru is known as PITHAMAHA of Karnatic music, from history it is well known that Saint Tyagraja's mother used to sing compositions of Purandara Dasaru, and Thyagaraja was inspired by those devarnamas. It has also been found that more than 50 compositions of Thyagaraja is so similar to that of Purandra Dasaru, it can easily be understandable as direct translation.Present day primary lessons of Karnatic music is said to have been composed by Purandara Dasaru.And the georgaphical area in those days of Purandara Dasaru comprising parts of present day Karnataka, Andharapradesha, and Tamilnadu was referred to as Karnataka Desha, because of all these reasons the name 'Karnatic' is suffixed to the South Indian Music system. But some Quixotic persons like Balamuralikrishna has given the answer you have mentioned. Going by his perverted logic we have to say or undrstand that other forms of music is not pleasing or sweet to ears. Who asked what is in name ? There will always be something in it.

-- H.V. SURYANARAYANA SHARMA (sharma_co@vsnl.net), December 02, 2002.

the music is given the name of place from it deeply originated.

-- arun thirtha (arun_dp@hotmail.com), March 10, 2003.

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