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My parents met on the train over 60 years ago. They celebrated their 60th anniversary this year. My father is an avid train collector and railway historian. Does anyone know whether the Tennessean was ever modeled and if so,if any models are available for reasonable a reasonable price? I've heard that it was made in brass some years ago, but that it costs several thousand $$. As a special gift to them, I'm searching for The Tennessean. Thanks.

-- Beth Hemingway Hill (, August 19, 2002


Beth -

Are you refering to just the engine or the entire train as a model. Sixty years ago, 1942, the TENNESSEAN was diesel hauled with a streamline E-unit in green & white. The brass engine you cited was probably a steam engine, or an 0-scale model, at that price. You can probably obtain a model in H0-scale that's relatively close to the TENNESSEAN's diesel, either ready to run from Life Like or custom painted for less than $200.

Another thought is to check eBay's listings. The Southern Ry issued a TENNESSEAN color postcard in the 1940's which shows up from time-to-time on eBay. Or use eBay "Smart Search" for Southern Railway and look for models, menus, sheet music, etc.

For a picture of about what the TENNESSEAN looked like in 1942 go to this URL:

Hope this helps.

-- Tom Underwood (, August 19, 2002.

Beth The Tennessean locomotives have been produced in O-gauge for the three rail modelers: Weaver Models made the Southern #1380 Ps-4 streamlined steamer model. The prototype was streamlined (shrouded) at Spencer Shops in 1941 in accordance with an Otto Kuhler design. It carries the "Tennessean" signature on each side. Southern streamlined this engine specifically to pull the "Tennessean" from Washington to Lynchburg where the train went on N&W rails and was pulled by the famous streamlined N&W "J" Class over the mountains to Bristol,Tenn. At Bristol brand new (1941) Southern E-6 diesels lettered on each side of the nose with the "Tennessean" signature took over for the trip to Memphis on Southern rails. Both Lionel and MTH produced O-gauge versions of the "Tennessean" E-6 diesel in 2003. I recently found a Weaver Model of the #1380 @ $825(in Myrtle Beach). I bought the E-6 "Tennessean" diesel version from the Train Loft in Winston-Salem.

-- Dewey Trogdon (dtrogdon2@triad.rr,com), January 10, 2005.

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