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Has your opinion of the bombshell changed since the airing of her show? Is she fat, a thief, a bad mother, a disgusting drug addict, and all-around DUMB? Give us your thoughts.

-- who is dumber (marshall@anna .nicole), August 17, 2002



-- (into@new.answers), August 17, 2002.

She is quite brilliant. She cons people like you into watching her.

-- (JoeY Buttafucco@trash.TV), August 17, 2002.

Cons isn't the word.

It's sort of like that car accident/rubber necking effect. You feel compelled to slow down and gawk at the carnage.

-- (anna nicole@flabby.arms), August 17, 2002.

Haven't watched the show, but that sounds like a pretty good description of what I have always thought of her. I din't know she was a mother though.

-- dr. pibb (drpibb@new.formula), August 18, 2002.

The Sludge Report

Hardly anything bothers happy-go-lucky Anna Nicole Smith, but one thing that does is the general category of blonde jokes. It only takes one of these vicious jokes to burn her ample bacon.

There needs to be a nationwide campaign to stamp out these jokes, and I'll be in the forefront" vows the statuesque beauty.

-- Matt Sludge (YouHeard It@Here.First), August 18, 2002.

'statuesque beauty'?

Maybe at one time but certainly not a 'beauty' of any sorts now.

Unless you like'em REAL BIG all the way around.......

How many pills you reckon she popped before that 1st show??

-- Deano (, August 19, 2002.

I'm laffin all the way to the bank, suckers. Trash sells, I sell trash.

However even I have my limits. The TV guys tried to follow me into the crapper. I told 'em to fuck off.

-- (anna nicole @, August 19, 2002.

You're such a weenie-head!

-- (spanna@nicole.smith), August 19, 2002.

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