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This is not a question, just a piece of information. I purchased an AMB SAL wood caboose kit recently and the instructions mention Scalecoat II color #2673 as the proper red for the car. Scalecoat has discontinued #2673 (bright caboose red) but #2026 (Santa Fe red)is actually the same color. This info is from the Scalecoat rep.

RJ Babcock

-- RJ Babcock (, August 17, 2002


Well, maybe in Northumberland, PA it's the same color, but take it from me after growing up in Santa Fe country (KC), the two are different. Try Des Plaines Hobbies in Des Plaines (Chicago) IL...Ron Sebastian usually keeps a really good stock of paints, etc. and he does know his way around SE railroad models.

-- Buck Dean (, August 19, 2002.

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