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hi great site guys all of you who respond you dont know how great a help you are. keep it up. well my case is such that i had my house repossessed in early 95 by mortgage express. out of blue about 10 days ago i got a letter from the lawyers Hammond Suddards And Edge saying that i owe them 65,000 pounds and to phone them asap but as i found this site i didnt phone them back and after second letter i replied asking what they mean that i have to pay 65000 and i dont know what they are talking about? now tommorrow being friday i expect another letter from them to see what their reaction is to my reply well as adviced by this site i contacted Namv and they said that the lenders have the right to chase you for 12 years and they can even get me evicted and force me to sell my current property so actually after talking to Namv i went down because i thought CML had a six year period. Can any of you nice friends advice me if i want to sell the property can my lenders put a charge on it and if yes can they do it without going to court. the second point is i bought this property by taking loan form my wife and son and if they also put a charge on my property whose charge will come first theirs or the lenders who repossessed me.

i know thsi si a fairly long question i am asking but in thses times this site and you all have been such a comfort thank you all for that i hope i could get on with my life.

-- jovinah simon (, August 15, 2002

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