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Who is he kidding? Does he actually think he is worthy to have his head next to these other presidents?

-- (big@head.dumbya), August 15, 2002


Poor trollboy, I'm your only audience now.

-- (, August 15, 2002.

Looking at the Mt Rushmore figures, I am appalled that they are all white guys. We need some soul on that mountain!

I present best in a 3/4 left profile.

-- (Rev Al @ gimme mah.reparashunz), August 15, 2002.

Okay Roland, what do you think about this egomaniac? I think it is hilarious that he has the audacity to tell the photographers to make it look like his head will be next in line. You pugs always bashed Klintoon for being in love with himself, but he didn't even come close to being as pompously arrogant as King Dipshit Dumbya.

BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAHAA!! I can't stop laughing at the stupidity of this jackass!

-- (holy smokes @ dumbya's. lost it), August 15, 2002.

Sheeesh! Nothing like overdoing it! The worst president in the history of the nation, trying to drop a hint that he should be on Mt. Rushmore??


-- (duuuh, how duz I looks @ ovur on. dis side?), August 15, 2002.

I think you faked the whole pic with Photoshop just to give yourself another chance to spout off. Please post a link to the original pic in a publication of some repute.

Didn't you ever see the "photos" of the new Clinton $10 bill? LOL.

-- (, August 16, 2002.


Wrong again Roloboy! I know it's hard to believe the idiot actually had the nerve to pose his stupid head next to the others, but he actually did it!

Dumbya suffering from delusions of grandeur

-- (Dumbya @ legend. in his own mind), August 16, 2002.

Thu Aug 15, 6:28 PM ET

President Bush pauses as he speaks about homeland security and the budget at the base of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, in background, Thursday, Aug. 15, 2002, in S.D. (AP Photo/Ken Lambert)

OK, why didn't you just post the link in the first place? As you must know, the Net is full of tricked-up gag "photos" of Clinton, Bush, Gore, anyone in the news.

How many millions of people have had their picture taken in front of Mount Rushmore? It's a tourist thing. It's a tribute thing to the men sculptured on the mountain. It doesn't mean that the person equates himself to those former presidents.

I had my piture taken in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza. BFD.

-- (, August 16, 2002.

Nope, you can tell that the photographers were told by Dumbya and his PR people...

"Try placing Dumbya's head at each end of the row of heads to see how it will look when it is carved up there. We think it will probably go next to Washington since he was a slaveowner like Dumbya, and Lincoln was against slavery, that fucking liberal. But we just want to be sure, since Dumbya's profile from the right side looks better than his left side where he got the pretzeldent."

After they saw the photos they said...

"Okay, go ahead and release these 2 with the right side profile, but we can see he will definitely go next to Washington. Next to Lincoln he is looking away in the wrong direction. We probably should have known that would happen but we don't have enough brains to see past our toes, let alone plan anything in advance."

-- (Dumbya isn't worthy of being carved in horsehit @ let alone Mt. Rushmore), August 16, 2002.

"We think it will probably go next to Washington since he was a slaveowner like Dumbya..."

Tell me, what color is the sky in your little world? Puke green would be my guess.

-- dr. pibb (drpibb@new.formula), August 17, 2002.

Actually, Dumbya may not "own slaves" in the way most people think of it, but that is only because he is very deceptive and careful not to make it so obvious as it was 200 years ago. You don't have to look very far back into the history of the Bush family however, to find that they did use black slaves as recently as the 1940's. Because of his upbringing in this kind of environment, Dumbya still has this sort of mentality deeply embedded into his psyche. In his corporate and government career roles, he has always treated the "commoners" much the same way as if they were slaves, especially if they are black or Asian. His relationship with Condoleeza Rice is a perfect example.

-- (dumbya raised into upper class @ racist redneck. value system), August 17, 2002.

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