Why don't you drug addict loser fucks do something productive?

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Raver? What the fuck is a raver? Why don't you rave about how cool I am, or rave about how good my pussy tastes. You loser ass Bozo Mofo's need to quit smoking that extasy shit and do something productive. One more thing *A'hem Plz Take the needle out you arm and listen* You all can go to jail for all I care, and if I can help with putting you there I sure as hell will. I tell on all the drug addicts in my own town why shouldn't I use my internet skills to track down your ips and tell on you too. I think I will Punks!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2002


What the hell are you talking about? For one thing you spelled ecstasy wrong and you don't smoke it....it's a pill. And tell on us? What the hell are we doing wrong? It's not like your going to find any secret underground rave parties or were to get drugs on this site and it's not like cops don't know this site is here. And Punks? Were ravers not punks, Punk was a completely separate underground movement that started in the late 70's in Europe.... but you probably didn't know that either. Damn you sure are stupid. Why did you even bother to come here and post your hatred? I think your mad because your an asshole and nobody really likes you and no one ever invited you to a party much less a rave, so you sit home all day and spread your hate on the net even though deep down inside you know nobody really cares what YOU think. You must be a loser to come here and waist our time and yours.Rather or not your an internet wiz you made yourself LOOK like a dumbass. But im not mad you, I just think your stupid.

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2002

You are just some old guy that can't stand to see someone younger, fitter, and better looking than you have a good time. And you say you tell on us all, what are you? 5 years old? "I'll tell mom on you!". You are so pathetic. And have you ever tried to smoke an E?! I wanna know how considering it's a fuking PILL! You're just a sad arse loser with way too much time on your hands.


-- Anonymous, August 17, 2002

Yeah, what in the world was that? At least get your facts straight. That was just unneccesary mudslinging. I am not in favor of the drug, but you are just making a complete mockery of yourself. No elquance, no idea, you are just lost. You need to learn to relax and have more peace within yourself instead of blasting these kinds of things.

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2002

That would an interesting act to see someone actually smoke E ! LOL:D Wonder if you can get high by smoking E , just like crack? Maybe I should try it this weekend. Now, I am GOD DAMN WORKING!, You hear that Sam? I m god damn working!....hehehe I think I make more $ than u ! :D

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2002

I think i speak for everyone when i say "GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!" peace out.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002

Oh yeah i have smoked E and yes it works. Me and my freind crushed a pill up and put it in a pipe and smoked it. You should try it sam, maybe it would mellow you out.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002

You stupid shithead,use your damn "internet skills" and track me down,ignorant fuck. Sit down, eat a bean, and maybe afterwords you wont be such a damn asshole

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2002

crush up pill and sprinkle over your weed---That is a good fukin high

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2002


-- Anonymous, December 17, 2002

im sorry tha last statement was to my brothers & sisters not 2 u ate up kandykids going nucknfutz again sorry PLUR only u can change things

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2002


-- Anonymous, December 24, 2002

Hey Dam, your a pretty screwed up individual so sit down and shut up!! The raving community is one of the best group of ppl on the planet. we dont have dirty mouths, like u, we dont discrminate like u, we are not disalutional, like u. In fact, sounds to me like you're your own worst enermy.

By the way, this kandi raver has an anual gross income of $180,000. so shut your mouth, open up the world, communicate and respect other and mabye you'll learn thing or two.

Plur as always

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2003

you're a freak, jane cherrington. don't put down something you don't understand. you sound like a fuckin' redneck cunt.

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2003


-- Anonymous, March 06, 2003

Sam, You are definately an idiot with way too much time on your hand. I don't know what caused all your hatred but obviously you don't even have a clue what it is all about. You sound like you probably don't know what anything is about. Rave about how cool you are or rave about how good your pussy tastes? Are you serious? You are not cool at all and you sound so stupid I can imagine that no one has ever even tasted your nasty ass pussy. One more thing, "I'll go tell," what the fuck are you 7 years old? You need some dick in your life and if you tried some X you might get some. Then you can go rave about how good it taste, but I doubt that an idiot like yourself will ever get that opportunity.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2003

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PLZ DONT TRACK ME DOWN!!! r u kiddin me u r a funni guy sam or girl sam.i dont do e but i dont hate and discriminate aginst those who do it we should it though. but yea i think u look like stupid and act like a super homo and should chill cauz i dont do e but rave just as good as the 17 yer oldz that do and im 14 so yea hahahahah 7 year olds act funni when they listen 2 their old parnts who think that the younger age r dumb in wat we do and listen 2, but i bet u will b a raver just from the fact that yur still akid and talk bout e. Peace Love & Rave!!!

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2003

okay ya i think u need to chill the hell down Sam, maybe u need to see a doctor too! FIrst of all where the hell does raving and how good a pussy tastes come together? Second of all XTC is a pill u dont smoke it, so get ur dam info straight. SUm how i think u shouldnt be saying that u are going to track them down and but them in jail becuz if u can do that then whos stopping them tracking u down and shit kicking u eh? AND third of all PUNKS and RAVERS are 2 dam differnt types of ppl so figure out which one ur going to put down, then get ready to get ur ass kicked!!!

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2003

Ok for your information, SAM not all ravers are drug addicts so shut the fuck up cuz u oviously have no fuckin idea what ur talking about. Its sounds like ur the "Bozo Mofo" as u put it if all u talk about is how u tell on drug addicts...that doesn't sound to productive to me! Oh and another thing...WHY THE FUCK DO U CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE'S DRUG PROBLEMS. The only thing u seem to care about it how good ur pussy tasts. So why don't u shut the fuck up and get a real hobby instead of telling on people.

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2003

I would love to eat your pussy.....Gimme a pill or 3 and i am anybodys. Man i bet you look fuckin hot on drugs, which is why you have such a downer on them. Gimme a try, i am a real stud when wired up to the eyeballs, whores, loose women, nobody is safe........pussy is pussy man and it tastes so much better smothered in coke....

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2003

even i know more than you about drugs and im a fucking 15 year old from Australia, get your fucking facts right and even though i have never done any drugs, other than alcohol, in my whole life it doesn't mean my answer doesn't count. You should be trying to help addicts before they kill themselves it isn't ther fault that they are stuck on drugs. Stop being so negative towards them, you are just making it harder for them. If you really want them wo get off the drugs don't send them to jail, help them by becoming a rehab officer or something. And stop going nuts on the fucking internet its people like you who have nervous break downs and end up in jail for murdering someone just because they look weird. Any way peace out!

PS. No offense to any addicts ou there even though you think its your choice it isn't, think about all the substances in the drugs which act like nicotine, its not your fault your just hooked.

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2003

Excuse me, but arn't we all being negitive here. No one cares about the point Sam was trying to make, through her raging statement and words of hate, all Sam wanted to say that most people on E are frowned apon. Trying to get some one else to take E is not right, all you are doing is creating a problem, not fixing one. So it may feel good so what... oo i forgot, some man with an annual gross income of $180,000 makes it all better. Maybe ravers are nice people, but in the long run what does feel good? Making a bad choice?

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2003

hey why the fuck do you people do that. the only result you get out of X and other drugs is a fucked up life and a fucked up shitty brain so do some thing smart for once in your life and do some thing smart and start by quitting all that fucken shit you do.

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2003

I own my own company. i make good money. im 25.

I go to raves, i do every drug other the heroin. mainly coke and xtc. i have been doing it for years.

I contribute to my local community, through charity work, and help at the Uni's showing ppl how to break into the field of work i partake in.

im a normall guy, drugs have caused me problems. but im friendly, polite, sensitive, honest and very hard working.

Im ultra productive, so i dont see what your gripe is with what i do.

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2003

hahahahahaha christ sam u r so fuckin dumb hahahahaha

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

UR RETARDED, That is all i have to say really. funny how someone can get so stupid but what can you do, I think it is imortant to realise that u can't knock something until u have tried it, u never know u might find something out about ur self. Go on give it a go O_o

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2003

holy crap sam you must be biggest jerk/bitch i have ever run across. i would hate to be in your life as anything but your enemy. you need to go back to what ever backwood redneck fucked up place you came from and roll in your own shit like the fucking swine you are.and going to the cops talk your talk you fucking NARK but it is just like what you roll in SHIT. go piss in the wind you fuckin nasty rotten CUNT

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2003

i dont have words to say but the only thing that I say is that the kandykids are the best in this world


-- Anonymous, July 05, 2003

First get a life SAM chill out and stop being so violent, smoke some weed you will like it, then stick to what you know and stop making yourself look like a dumb ass.

Peace to all Dan -0

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2003

OH MY GOD!! first of all, i cant beleive you even bothered to do this... its not like the raving communities of this world will read your pethetic complaint and suddenly change their lives as if they didn't know what kind of shit they were getting themselves into in the first place! i think all you really accomplished by writing this is a couple of raised tempers! oh, and another thing... who are you to criticise something you have never experienced? thats like making the assumption that a meal you are about to eat tastes bad just because it may very well look bad! didn't your mum ever teach you these things? i have some advice for you that might steer you in the right direction: stop being such an enormous cry-baby suck-ass pussy. The scary thing is, I know that in the back of your mind a small part of you hoped that this site would make a lot of ravers out there "see the light" and cause us to change our ways... way to fuel the fire... idiot. have a nice day sam

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2003

Sam your a freak dont diss something until youve tried it if you actually look at things a fuck load of people do drugs,like i mean millions in todays world its just a common thing.of corse thats in my opinion. drugs are here to stay sam and we just hav to live with it.oh yeah if your so negative on drugs dont be blastin it on the net you cud get ur ass kickd. peace out.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2003

Holy shit, I love it. Dude, you just got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT! Need I say anything further?

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2003

hi. my name is bob and im an addict. you know i am proud to do alot of drugs. especially alot of weed. weed is my best friend. it helped me get through out of life with alots of joys. let the green plant heal your pain and make you become an happy addict user. sam.. sam.. sam.. you should becareful what you say over the internet. not all people on drugs are bad people, alot of them are just having fun and enjoying life. i don't see anything wrong with that.. peace out bob sanders

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2003

Hey cool guy, I bet your pussy tastes just fine, but I am just writing to you to inform you that extasy in not a drug that you smoke dumbfuck.....so make your research before trying to sound like a bad ass that doesn't use drugs. I personally think you had just smoked a joint up your ass before writing this smart comment of yours. Well I have nothing else to say, just that everybody that reads this message should go ahead and "swallow" OR "sniff" all the E pills you want. Thank you very much Sam and hope to hear from you soon.

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2003

OK OK come on guys we all know weather we do drugs or not that thay are bad for you!! So why cant we all just get a bong and chill the fuck out!

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2003

i dont think we should be discriminated against for the choice of herbs we inhale. sam u r fucked in the head. u must of been smoking some bad ass shit when u wrote that cos what the hell is it on about??i think u r reali angry sam cos u r jealous of those who take E's. and u dont get out enuf to do it urself.

ps. please sam......dont tell my mummy ... u fucked up cunt.. i say poor u

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2003

Sam please start a new page bout something you know nothing about, so i can laf at ur petty attepts to change people uve never met some more.

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2003

i hope linda barka kills you with some big fuck off scissors sam. to put u out of ur misery of non understanding. its nearly been a year i hope uve seen the light by now.

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2003

HA HA HA DUDE!!!! u jus got ROLLED on...!!!! HA HA HA!!

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2003

Dante, why don't you do heroin?

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2004

Gents in the community lets focus on what the guy said. He is just mad at all the people doing drugs in his community. The meer fact that you use a hard drug destroys your reputation and causes others who don't use drugs to have a very negative opinion over those that do. Lets face it, ex really isn't that good for you and it fucks a lot of people up. Even though it wasn't stated so elequently he does make a point. OH FUCK IT LETS ALL GET A BUNCH OF ROLLS!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, February 29, 2004

wow...so much hate coming from pretty much everyone here. sit down, chill and focus on what really matters.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2004

All of you have a problem I mean is it that damn serious dont do drugs point ______ and yaul some lames too

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2004

Warme Grüße aus Deutschland, mein Englisch ist nicht so gut.. - I made this e-mail account just for this post to avoid junk mail from going to my official account - I don't completely agree with Sam, but there is one conclusion which brings us to this topic. I have things to do so I’ll make my post as brief as humanly possible. You all know smoking grass, injecting shit into your arms, taking ex won’t really get you far in life, infect these are the people who die more often at young age. This is not my concern considering the fact that these people choose to change their life’s into dog-crap. But Sam... You can’t come to this website and accuse people the way you do, because the truth of the matter is you don't have a fucking clue. If you know people are wasting their lives with drugs then let them die in the gutter. It’s not any of our business. Ah talking about money swell.

I'm currently a first officer for Lufthansa airways. I make 210,000 euros a year. I also own three small restaurants in München which is an extra 140,000 Euros a year. That’s 350,000 Euros a year. don't forget euros are nearly twice the amount of american/aussie dollars. I am 28 years old This success bought to me was discipline and also avoiding drugs my entire life. Personally I prefer my life as it is and how its progressing then a life where your always in mental or physical pain, people after you for money you owe. Police on your front door because you don’t know what you did the night when you where drunk. Living in some run-down bungalow! Ich glaube traurig für Sie Halteseilen, dem bin, wenn Sie ein passiver Drogennehmer sind

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2004

No one with internet skills uses the term "internet skills" to "track down your ips and tell on you." Jane Cherrington is just some really angry confused bitch, and as far as X and Raving goes I think X is an interesting experience but the long term effects like with other amphetamines & methamphetamines, i.e. the brain damage, aren't worth the feeling. But remember drugs dont hurt any one except the ignorant, stupid, and the unfortunate ones who get arrested (which is the biggest problem facing drug users to date!)

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2004

sam sucks

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2004

allyou fuckin smack heads out there fuckin get a life

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2004


-- Anonymous, May 18, 2004


ure probably some faggaty ass 10 year old that saw how bad X is so you decided to try and get attention by flaming it...buddy if you actualy tryed this shit youd start up anouther board saying how good X is and how everyone should try it like ure pathetic man

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2004

who ever does that is f**ked up in the head or something

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2004

DUUUUUUUDE you are fucking gay thats all i have to say all you do is *rave* about how other peolpe suck and shit well get a life if people wanna do drugs let em

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2004


-- Anonymous, December 01, 2004

damn. that sure was entertaining. thanks for the laugh sam. BWAHHAHAHAHA~! i'll be sure to think of you at the next rave i throw. lol.

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2004

JEEZ!!! hAy YoU GuYSZ u rR OoPoSED 2 pLUg tEH e DUH!!!!

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2004

Helllo to everyone, there is not worth on druggie make ur mind messed up and don't need put them worse put ur addict can lost ur life and ruin ur mood can cause u sick and everything not do it anything.. Just weed is besst. Casstristan@tmail.com

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2004


-- Anonymous, January 01, 2005

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