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Greetings all. I'm looking for the paint formula for the purple that Atlantic Coast Line used. I have had no luck using water base paints and would like to mix my own. I hope someone out there can help me.

-- Dan Walker (, August 14, 2002


Back in 1978 I sent an official ACL purple color drift color compariso card to Scalecoat ( Quality Craft Models) and asked them about offering this color. They declined to make the color but provided me with the formula their chemist came up with based on the drift card.

It is as follows: 3 parts Scalecoat #11 white. 44 parts Scalecoat #44 Cornell Red. 12 parts Scalecoat #75 Conrail Blue.

It was messy to mix but it worked.

Since then Ron Sebastian at Des Plaines Hobbies (They have a web page) Offers this paint in Scalecoat 2 which, I think, beats the hell out of the water based paints.

-- William P. McCoy (, December 15, 2002.

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