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What were the boundaries of the SAL's Georgia and Carolina Divisions?

-- Glenn J. Fisher (, August 13, 2002


Glenn, SAL crews southbound from Hamlet turned around at Andrews,SC, as did northbound Savannah crews. I remember this well from my boyhood service as callboy at Andrews.

-- Jim Roquemore (, August 14, 2002.

I think I framed my question in a misleading fashion. I wanted all the boundaries of the Georgia and Carolina Divs, not just between the two. Since we are on the subject, what were the boundaries of all of the SAL divisions? Also, what were the crew change points system wide? And at each of these points did the crews originate or rest/turn or both. For instance, Hamlet origninated crews to Raleigh, but also to what other points? Did any crews rest/turn at Hamlet? Can anyone do the same for the other crew change points? Thanks

-- Glenn J. Fisher (, August 14, 2002.

The line of demarcation between the Carolina Division and the Georgia Division (Abbeville Sub) was near M.P. 306.3, Monroe, NC.

-- Harry Bundy (, August 14, 2002.

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