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I currently had my home repossessed about 4 years ago - i was forced to move out as my husband was having an affair and making it unbearable to live there. He eventually stopped paying the mortgage, hence to repo.

I have applied for a morgage this year and was sucessfully accepted. I am now thinking of putting my name onto my partners mortgage to get a better deal. I haven't had contact with my ex-mortgage lender for about 8 months, but was trying to get them to send me all documents relating to the shortfall. Could the ex-lender force the sale of the house if my name was to be put onto the mortgage and how would this affect my partner?

Thanks for you help!

-- mandy (, August 13, 2002


I'm not sure what you are saying here Mandy. You say you successfully applied for a mortgage but now want to have a joint mortgage with your new partner. Can you be a bit more specific? If you already have a mortgage and your partner has a mortgage then are they on two separate properties or what? In general though, debt collectors will go after people who appear to have assets / income sufficient to make it worth their while. How did you answer the question on the mortgage form you filled in about whether or not you had previously had a mortgage / arrears?

-- Gordon Bennet (, August 14, 2002.

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