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When will the next big attack come?

-- (maybe@too.quiet?), August 13, 2002


Sept 11, 2002. Chicago or San Francisco or Seattle. Go Islam!

-- (Mullah Omar @ gonna gonna.getcha), August 13, 2002.

Good question. Yes, it does seem very quiet lately. People are enjoying the summer weather and many have let 911 slip into the back of their memory.

I believe the next attack will happen in September or October. It's not likely to happen in August, because Dumbya no doubt whimpered and whined to the NWO boys that he doesn't want to have to go back to Washington while he's on his vacation. He doesn't want to be interrupted while he's engaged in his favorite activity; sitting around his ranch in a 10-gallon hat and a denim shirt pretending to be a cowboy, picking his nose and playing with his little doggies.

Then again, they may pull a surprise and try to exploit the anniversary to drum up support for invading Iraq. Perhaps another attack will happen near the end of Dumbya's vacation but before Sept. 11. Then his PR people will make sure to tell the media to really play it up bigtime what a "hero" Dumbya is for cutting his vacation short to come back and save the country. Then Dumbya will make a big speech on the anniversary, saying that they have reason to believe Saddam was behind all of it. Then he will talk about boo-hoo-hoo, shame on him, killing so many "Marekuns" and trying to steal our freedom. And by golly, it's time to get really gung-ho and go kick the ass of the big bad axis of evil. If it just so happens that we clear the way for American oil corporations to move in and set up shop, heh-heh, well that's just one of the "fringe benefits", yuk-yuk. No need to mention that.

-- (manipulation of the masses @ pretty cool. yuk-yuk-yuk), August 13, 2002.

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