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What are the interior colors for the ACL/SCL M-5 cabooses? We think that they had light green colored walls and black upholstery but we're not sure. We're trying to detail the interior of one of the Wright Trak M-5 models and wanted to do it correctly.

-- L. Gerald Robinson (, August 12, 2002


From the page I'm getting ready to add to Wright Trak's site:

Black - for the roof, roof of the cupola, and underbody. Paint specification - Dupont Black Enamel #88-762

Red - for the emergency handle on the ends of the car. Paint specification - AM Target Red Enamel

Handrail Yellow - for the safety railings. Paint specification - 3M Yellow "Codit" #7211

Maroon - for the floor of the car. Paint specification - Maroon Floor & Deck Enamel #4510

Interior Wall - up to the window sills. Paint specification - Dupont Dark Apple Green #631-711

Interior Wall - above the window sill and ceiling. Paint specification - S-W Mail Car Side Wall Green # 642-G-2

-- Buck Dean, Wright Trak Webmaster (, August 12, 2002.

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