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Did anyone get a 24k gold plaque stating which of 300 is now yours? My dealer in SF thought it should have came in the box with the eprom manuals and stock pipes, which raises another question, what happened to the original eprom...did cagiva usa keep it when the rg3 pipes were installed? My bikes supposedly has the eprom upgrade and already has the RG3 pipes in this the way everyones Senna is/was/did arrive?

-- (, August 11, 2002


The gold plaque sits on your steering mounting plate!

-- hb (, August 12, 2002.

Yes, I DO realize that the series is engraved on the triple clamp, obviously mine is stamped 68 of 300! However, even my dealer was under the impression that a separate plaque should have been included as part of the presentation, sort of like a certificate to hang on a wall?

-- Val Alparaque (, August 12, 2002.

To my knowledge the bike comes with the stock pipes on and the dealers put on the RG3 (which was the case with mine) I have both eproms. What I did find out was that it doesn't seem like all the bieks were shipped "complete". I got a call from dealer checking to see if mine had the carbon fender (which it did) because MV is sending out ones to those who that don't. The air tubes are also supposed to be carbon so I wonder if I will be getting some of those soon?.

Also regarding your question about the fluid leak. I found that when I get off the bike if I let the fan run for a bit before shutting it off I don't have a problem with leaks (it was the same deal with my Strada)

-- tp (, August 12, 2002.

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