Just took delivery of a 02 Senna

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Picked it up on tuesday the 6th, it immediately started to leak coolant after I parked it at home, which is only 3miles from my dealer! Also, I don't think the CO levels have been checked, since there is a bit of a lean backfire into the airbox at low revs below 4k. I am really trying my best to keep it under 6k before that magic 600 mile break-in......any suggestions to ease this torture would be much appreciated. 392 miles left to go till.....

thanks in advance


-- Val Alparaque (valparaque@aol.com), August 11, 2002


I'm not sure if it's a leak. It may have just been excess coolant.

On thing to note, while the MV has it's share of problems, some of those problems are do to poor dealer setup. The stalling and throttle butterfly problems I had on my '00 MV were mostly due to poor setup. With only a few hundred miles to go, you may want to do the 600K check up early.

-- Allan Gibbs (Agibbs996@aol.com), August 12, 2002.

Another break in story is found on :


-- hb (not@vailable.com), August 12, 2002.

Congratulations Val. I am still waiting on pictures.

-- George Matta (george_matta@aimfunds.com), August 12, 2002.

My brother has taken delivery on a Senna, and an F4. I have taken delivery on a '02 F4 1+1...in all 3 cases, the delivery has been top notch, the reliability of the machines superb, and nothing but great things to say. Ferraci and Extreme Motorsports both live up to the expectation that the price tag of these bikes deserve. If your bike is not what you expect, jump all over your dealer...MV is turnig out a quality product.

-- Larry Nipon (vze277jp@verizon.net), August 20, 2002.

I'm stationed in England and having a hard time getting an american spec Mv. Did anyone have the same problem?

-- Tabari (tabari.thompson@lakenheath.af.mil), August 21, 2002.

Is it a coolant leak or just boiling over? My bike boils over if the coolant level is not near the minimum mark. The hose exit is right above where the sidestand mount is inside the fairing. If you take a long ride, look at these hoses and see if one is weeping a little water. If so, you have 2 options: Let it happen and keep monitoring the level (under that cover near the ignition key) or drain some water off so you reach the minimum level. I'm sure new coolant and water wetter wouldn't hurt at all either.

You can take the engine up through the RPM range a few times. I'd say definitely DON'T do this within the first 50 or 100 miles, but at 200 or so you can tease yourself once or twice (or maybe 3 times). Just don't be extra hard on it. It's worth getting the bike really running to find out if it's going to break anyway. Better sooner than later. Just don't do it all the time because your oil is going to have more garbage in it than normal and when you really load the bike this is a bad thing.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), August 24, 2002.

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