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First off, I love it! The Intracoastal Waterway in NE FL is beautiful! Dolphin and manatee everywhere! The inshore fishing is fantastic! Reds, jacks, flounder, etc...all over!

But......there was this 3 week period where everthing that could go wrong, did. Left the boat in the water for 2 weeks while it rained 15 inches in 12 days. Bad move.....barnacals went wild in 2 weeks. 6 hours of work scraping them off (not to mention the hydrolic acid I sprayed all over me.....that shit BURNS!!) Then there was this part where the auto-bilge pump ran for a week and drained both batteries! Fixed that with a 50-amp re-charger (at $70, but the batteries are still alive!)

Are we having fun yet? Then there was this part where we ran low on oil and had to call Sea-Tow. He was running hot when he finally made it to us and after 2 hours, I had to tow him home (that's a short story in itself, a 2 hour ride took 5 1/2 and there was blood everywhere.....mine!!!).

That ol' saying about boats being a big hole-in-the-water that sucks up $$ is pretty damned true.....however,I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Hey Unk - we're still planning on headng south Labor Day Weekend. Should be at Sailfish Marina that Monday thru Wednesday. Hopefully, it won't be a 3 hour tour......

-- Deano (, August 11, 2002


Hey Deano!

Nice to see ya!

Unkie said boats were expensive but worth it, if I recall! Howzabout a Labor Day weekend get-together of the gang! Any takers?? I'm ready for another trip and don't have one planned til the end of Sept! What say Unkie? Up for some visitors in yer neck of the woods?

-- Aunt Bee (, August 11, 2002.

Hey Aunt Bee!

I'm here to tell you that Unc's part of the world, especially Singer Island, is very nice! Crystal clear water, great fishin', great food, ice cold beer (yeah, I know you can get that anywhere, but still...), beautiful scenery, etc.....The little motel at the marina is very affordable.

Check it out at

-- Deano (, August 12, 2002.

WOW deano! Thanks for the link! It IS beautiful!! You weren't kidding! A get together would be great!! BTW, how's the baseball team doing? Ya still coaching this year?? I STILL think a gathering down there would be fun!! Now if only Unk and Capn would respond!!

-- Aunt Bee (, August 12, 2002.

I've been saying that for of the coolest place on the planet! If there's a get together down there, I'm definitely in!

Baseball has been on hold this summer. Bryan's mom got real sick back in late spring and he just wasn't into it....too much distraction so we decided to take the summer off and play golf. Got him a junior membership at a local course here and he's lovin it! Kid can spank a golfball! 6 months into the game and he's already in the low 90's from the back tees. High school ball will be here soon enough. His mom's doing a lot better now.

I sure do miss that Little League though......many fun times were had!

-- Deano (, August 13, 2002.

Iv'e been contemplating the boat thang fer awhile myself. I think I'm gonna shoot for a houseboat and get a Carolina skiff to run around on. I found a quiet canal with bay access 10 minutes from the house, that would be great for lots of quick getaways.

I'm just about situated enough to start thinkin' bout a get2gether/roadtrip. Let's bat it around, I'm game.

-- capnfun (, August 14, 2002.

Cool capn~! You can count me in. The only days I already have planned are in the last half of Sept. It would be a TOTAL blast to do a get-together again! I know you and I would be laughin' our fannies off!! Any other takers out there??

-- Aunt__Bee (, August 14, 2002.

Yall might wanna start a new thread since no one hardly ever pays attention to mine......:(

I definitely like the idea of a south FL get together though!!

-- Deano (, August 14, 2002.

Well it's obvious to all but you two. Unk isn't interested in having a get-together at his place.

No matter how much you invite yourself over.

-- (buy@a.vowel), August 14, 2002.

"buyavowel", looks like you need to re-read this thread. No one said it was at Unk's-only in his neck of the woods. Perhaps time to brush up on your reading comprehension silly!

-- Aunt Bee (, August 14, 2002.


Dude, I would read your postings in a heartbeat over the repug shit I see here any day...gladly.

Do ya reckon there's any chance of rentin a houseboat or rooms at sailfish marina or at another cool location? What say yaw'll? A houseboat at the marina sounds Mckiller to moi...mayhaps a lil fishin? 2, 3 days?? Just bouncin ideas.

Beer .45: The flipflops are sandy ...... I'm salty and the attitude is adjusted......all is well with the world.

: )

So simple, yet FUN.

-- capnfun (, August 14, 2002.

You know me capn, I'm game! Gimme a plan and I'll see if I can follow it~ There just isn't enough fun in life, ifn ya don't make it! Grabbin the flip flops and headin to the pool!

-- Aunt Bee (, August 14, 2002.

I'd love to be back in Florida and the thought of meeting new/old friends sounds wonderful to me. Count me in and keep me posted, especailly if the plans have to go underground due to horeshit opinions like posted by "buy a vowel", or "vie for a bowel" whichever it is.

Just be sure to separate Deano and I if we talk baseball too much.

-- Jack Booted Thug (, August 14, 2002.

I've only been to Florida once, and that was for an overnighter, awaiting a 12 day cruise to the southern Carribean with a friend, some years ago. It was beautiful, what I saw of it! I'd love to spend some time there, just basking in the sun, and talking to friend. I think we can make this happen! Hey cappy, ya wanna be the planner? At this rate, I can deliver your GF in person-LOLOL!! ;)

-- Aunt Bee (, August 15, 2002.

Unk's life is in flux right now, so Unk won't commit either way. But if y'all do decide to meet in Florida, Unk will do his best to attend.

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 15, 2002.

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