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House repossed according to the lender in June 2000 - We recieved no notifaction of this and were at the time paying our mortgage and an extra 250 per month towards 3 months arrears that we had run up. We moved out in Dec 2000 but continued paying mort. and extra payments untill in March recieved a letter from King & Gaudi solicitors to inform us that the house was now back in the possession of the northern bank. There had been a lot of financial problems and this was the final straw. The sols are aware of current address and sent us information including a letter which we never recieved stating that the house had been repo'd in june 2000 - that at the time of handover we were ten months in arrears and that our current account had been closed since September 2000. At this time we were living in the house paying our mortgage and arrears into our current account. I am embarressed to admit this but I have had this information since last year but have been to scared to admit to the situation and hid the info. However I sent away for my experian file and was amazed to see that a company that had placed a charge on the land in 1997 had been settled in june 2001 and the balance was 0. Within two weeks of sending for my file I have recieved for the first time in 2 years correspondence from Wescott and also a solictors demand for the company ( UDT charge on land ) who according to my credit file have been paid . This site is what has given me the strength to face up to this situation and I have several questions thatI would be very grateful if somebody out there could help me with. I have recieved no information about the house being sold or indeed for any monies that may be owing - do I contact them ? I do not want to hide anymore and am so confused about what is and has happened that maybe it would be better all out in the open or is that attracting trouble ? How can my file state that a debt is settled and then I get demands to pay it? I have learnt a lot from all who use this board and feel maybe I should SARN them to find out where the ten months arrears came from - where my payments of 850.00 a month to cover arrears and mort went to as the bank are saying that the account was closed. And whether my house was sold or not.

-- dg (, August 11, 2002


Don't hesitate DG, SARN the lender immediately! Be prepared to ask for additional information if the SARN doesn't fully explain the situation. Come back and ask here if there are things you don't understand.

-- Gordon Bennet (, August 13, 2002.

Thank you for reply - will send SARN this week. Have found out that although I was paying mortgage and arrears to bank they had closed my mortgage accounts - loan accounts and supposedly current account too. Is this the normal procedure to take somebodies house? This information was in a letter that I apparantly recieved in September 2000 which also stated that my name would be sent to credit comps.. Credit file shows nothing from bank. Maybe I'll know better in 40 days! thanks d

-- dg (, August 13, 2002.

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