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This image was on Ducatinfopop:

I'm not too sure how to post pitures here, but I'd give it a try:


-- Allan Gibbs (, August 09, 2002


Try this:

Hope that worked...

-- Andy Ruhl (, August 10, 2002.

Ahh, so someone decided to take down the pic. If we can get it again, I'll host it...

So here's my take. First, the 999 in this pic was not to proper scale, it was slightly pinched vertically. No biggie though. Anyway, the 999 is visually not related to either the 998 or the MV. You could take the easy way out and say it's the dual "up pipes" and single sided swingarm, but it's more than that isn't it? I can't put my finger on it other than how the look of the bikes makes me "feel". The 998, and to a greater extent, the MV, have the proper proportion of hard angles to smooth curves. I can't say much more than that. The 999 kind of looks like a jelly bean with some afterthought styling touches that don't quite work.

However, let's forget looks for a minute and look at practicality. The 999 has it all over the other two just by looking. The seat is lower and flatter (see that upward angle in the 998? That's the whole reason it felt like a rack...). The bars are slightly lower than before, but higher in relation to the seat. The seat is adjustable. The footrests are adjustable. Everyone is saying it's a major step forward functionally. Fine. I'll probably own one at some point for these very reasons. But I doubt I'd sell the MV to get one. And if I had a 916/996/998, I probably wouldn't run out and sell it either.

It's time for the world to have wailing multi cylinder Italian bikes again. Twins are fine, but I need the scream. I want a bike that screams like a Ferrari. I have it. The MV. Now what I hope for is the incremental improvements that the 916 range got, and I'll really be happy. Reduce the weight another 20 pounds, bump up midrange power a bit, raise the redline another thousand so that you can scream it between corners instead of having to shift... Then I'd probably have to get another one.

-- Andy Ruhl (, August 10, 2002.

I agree with pretty much everything you said. However, I do see a bit of MV in the 999. The swing arm is dual sided, btw. The stacked projector lights are reminescent of the early MV design in '98. I'm glad they went with the diamond shape pattern. Also, there's a gap between the gas tank and the fair to expose the engine, that's not present in the 998s. I think this was also to tease the viewers with a bit of the engine (like the MV). Other than that, it seems like Terrablache wanted to make his own way in motorcycle design. I see a bit of MH900 in the tail pipes and tail section and 900ss in the front fairing. The instrument panel is really nice!

I stopped by my locale Ducati dealer today and he said the 999 will have an adjustable seat/tail section and foot pegs. It also has a dual computer control (or wiring system) and the instrument panel is light sensitive. Its should be a very comfortable and practical performance bike for $18K! And that's why I doubt I'll ever have one. If I wanted performance and practicality, I'd choose an R1, GSXR, Honda 9X9 or RC51, or Mille for $4K+ less than the 999. The 999 just doesn't have the emotional appeal that an MV or Ferrari has. And because of that, I just can't see myself paying $18K for it. $10K, yes! $14K to $18K(like the Mille), maybe. $18K, No.

I'm glad my '02 been good to me so far, because until something better comes along (F5?), this one's a keeper! I just wish it was red and silver! ;)

Here is where I got the original picture of the 998/999 and MV from: Thread of Ducatiinfopop: a=tpc&s=240092515&f=466093515&m=6743087446

And here's the picture of the 998 and 999:

Lastly, here's the picture of the MV:

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (, August 10, 2002.

Alan and Andy...both on the money. The scream of the F4 4 cylinders is something I certainly don't want to give up. The 999 performance enhancements are enticing, but the MV still has that top line appeal. As a conneausieur (spelling), I would own both a 999 (twin work of art), and an MV 4 cyl (state of the art)...that's my take anyway.

-- Larry Nipon (, August 20, 2002.

At the price the standard 999 is, I'd have a really hard time buying it over a Mille R. I'll wait to hear what people say, but I'm pretty sure that's the way it goes. As a matter of fact, if I didn't already own the MV, this new Haga model Mille R would make a VERY hard decision for me since I'm such a huge Haga fan (I still wear his old style Arai helmet).

My sentimental favorite will probably be the MV since I believe Tamburini to be the best motorcycle designer of our time (and he's the only single man show left other than Terblanche). And how can you not like a screaming 4 cylinder Italian bike? If there is a big improvement on the F4 at somepoint (mostly mid range power and less weight), I'm going to have to seriously consider upgrading...

-- Andy Ruhl (, August 24, 2002.

I don't know if I said this before because I'm getting old and senile. But, I can't see why anyone would pay $18K for a 999.

I'm sure the 999 will be a better performer than the 998, but performance and comfort are the only thing that the 999 has on its side. Can you name two bikes that have more performance and comfort for less than $18K?

What made the 916/996s worth the $16 to $17K were: 1) Exotic styling; 2) limited numbers produced (exoticness); and 3) the V-twin performance. Well, the 999's design is an amalgamation of the early MV (non-diamond headlights), 900ss, and MH900. Like an animal built with the body parts of other animals. The 999 and recent 996s are not going to be produced in limited number and 996 resale value are awful (I took a $5K hit when I sold my '01 after 10 months). So, the 999 better make up it's only remaining category of peformance in spades!

I know some people have said the 999 really looks better in person, but if you were asked to go on a blind date with only some professional photos to base your decision on, and someone said, "she really looks better in person," would you still go? :)

PS: No, I'm normally not that shallow.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, August 24, 2002.

I think if you are going to buy a bike from italy it is for one reason. Style! People have been buying ducati's cause they look good and not for the performance! MV F4 WOW! 916, 996, 998 all looks nice! People would buy them and pay the extra cash and there reasons would be, it looks better then the R1 and its from italy! Now the 999 has lost its looks! So why buy it, for comfort? for power? You dont pay that much cash for comfort or power, if so save $12000(AUS) and get an R1,GSX-R or whatever!

ducati 996SPS - my dream bike! second is MV F4. then a few jap bikes and somewhere down the line the 999

-- Adam Hansen (, October 30, 2002.

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