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i am just starting out and i have a budget where any extra is not even an option! i just want the basics b/c school costs are keepin me down. i've already answered an ad for a sony trv-900 camera, which i understand to be a top notch camera, and while i want a 16mm look to my films digital editing is so much easier. i don't even know if i can afford that camera. i would like to start out with aa simple camera and any lighting i'll buy 500-1000 watt lamps from home depot.

how can i buy the can i buy the cheapest camera possible, but still keeping the look and options associated with a top notch camera for film making? help me, please!

-- Kyle Sipkens (, August 06, 2002


quit school, its just a piece of paper that states you wrote a bunch of essays on classic films(and also insinuates that you have watched every quinten tarentino and wes anderson film), and have experiance with 30 year old equipment. use the college loans on equipment, and read as many books as you can find. try interning at a studio and a get an entry level job there.

-- Justin Daniels (, August 21, 2002.

Go to That should, at the very least, get you thinking in the right direction about how you can stretch your equipment dollars.

-- Justin Burris (, September 18, 2002.

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