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I purchased a digital 8 about ten months ago, as it seemed when I did my research then that it would be a better choice (film cost, etc.)... however, as time goes on, it seems that the digital eight cams are being "outshined" by the mini dvs. (The mini dvs are smaller and seem to be better quality.)

Can anyone out there comment? What do you think? Do you think the digital eights will eventually be phased out?

-- Christa H. (, August 05, 2002


Well Christa, I would say the first thing that comes to my mind is not so much the Contrast in quality between the two formats, but that fact that miniDV is already more common than digi8. Digi8 cameras, and tapes could possibly be discontinued because of the popularity of minidv. As far as the format goes, In my opinion miniDV is a joke for a format considering its time code problems. As far better or worse their both digital so i'm pretty sure (i dont know a lot about digi8) they're equal. It just depends on the camera. unless i'm way the hell of and have know idea what i'm talking about, i dont think there has been a 3 chip camera made for digi8 so the main problem is that no one wants to make good cameras for digi 8. some one else who fully knows what theyre talking about might answer you better.

-- Daniel p. Jarvis (, August 11, 2002.

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