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Need a violin teacher in Madurai to teach Carnatic Music to me for one year. I have a good theoretical knowledge of all the common ragas. I have very good "kezhvai jnanam"; knowledge through a lot of listening to good carnatic music. I am good sense of rhythm, I am familiar with all the common talas. I know quite a few of the "often sung" kritis. However I do not have formal carnatic training on playing the violin. I do play on the violin many Ragas and songs as a free style violinist. I will be in Madurai as an exchange student in Madurai University.

-- Ram Ganeshan (, August 05, 2002


pls give your full details. I am studing music college. I know violin teacher. After I have arranged further I had your details. I ask they

my e-mail id :

thanking you velautham

-- velautham (, October 17, 2002.

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