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I just ordered a set of Blue Flame Heat Treated Titamium pipes for my MV F4 has anyone heard a set of these pipes before. It also comes with a Eprom chip, does this chip improve the horsepower? Also how do you remove the stock pipes?

Thanks Jeremiah Mills

-- Jeremiah Mills (, August 04, 2002



I am considering aftermarket exhaust for my MV. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for your exhaust/eprom and where did you purchase/order it from? Also, is it the full exhaust system with header or just from the back half of the exhaust. Thanks in advance.

-- Pete (, August 05, 2002.

I ordered them from a shop in daytona beach and they run 1285.00 with the eprom chip. They are only slipon's. They also have the regular titanium pipes that are cheaper. Other sites like Ferraci and have the full system but they are very pricey. Here is the link to order Blue Flame pipes.( They do not have the MV Agusta Pipes on there web site but they are sweat looking. They have pics of other bike with the quad exhaust so you can get an idea. Look in a superbike magazine and you will see the MV pipes in Blue Flames ad. If you have any questions email me ok. I will post a pic when I get the pipes on.

-- Jeremiah Mills (, August 05, 2002.


Blueflames are manufactured in the UK and retail for around 550 here, although I paid 465 for mine (black carbon). Removing the stock pipes is easy - remove the r/h heel guard and springs; remove the little 'v' plate under the rear of the exhausts; lift the seat and disconnect both side supporting brackets. Now with a bit of twisting and pulling each side will come off. Fitting the Blueflames is a little trickier. Firstly slip on the riser pipes - making sure you get them the right way round - don't push them down too hard yet. The slip on cans are best assembled loosly on a bench. Bracket each side's short (outside) and long (inside) together towards the front of the cans - making sure you insert the stock hangers (the right way round) in between. Then bracket both inside (long) towards the rear. Offer up the assembly and 'slip' the cans on to the risers, at the same time making sure the mounting brackets meet the sub-frame at the right place. Put the bolts into the mounting brackets and tighten a bit. Now comes the challenge of making sure everything lines up in both directions, i.e. how far they stick out at the rear, and are they spaced evenly across the way. You'll probably have to push the brackets around a bit to get the best position. Gradually tighten everything up till you are happy. Put the springs on the cans and the risers and re-mount the heel-guard. Hey Presto! I was never entirely happy about how mine lined up - I had them off and on many times, although mine were early ones and I believe they have since re-jigged the riser pipes. I'd also advise you to get longer bolts than the ones they supply, and also possibly a rubber spacer for the bracket that holds the middle cans together. Changing the chip - remove ecu - four nuts - turn upside down (no need to remove main connector - peel off silver sticker - remove rubber grommet - pull chip - re-insert chip (very, very fiddly!) The first thing you'll notice is the sound - they are LOUD! It will probably feel rougher at low revs, but smoothes out as the revs rise - there's a lot of popping and banging on overrun. My 'seat of the pants' impression was favourable. However, having lived with the Blueflames for a year and having started to feel guilty about the anti-social noise, I reverted to stock, and gues what? My 'seat of the pants' impression is that the stock system is better. Regards

-- Bill Craigie (, August 06, 2002.

I sell Blue Flame pipes. Feel free to visit my website at: WWW.HAMMYTHECANMAN.COM

-- Brian Hamilton (, April 08, 2003.

I am also looking at the Blue Flame Exhaust for my Ducati Monster, I know that we are talking about a different bike here. But if you can give me some info on them and whether they are worth purchasing. Are they really loud?? Because that is what i am looking for.... Thanks to anyone that can help!!! Lora :)

-- Lora (, July 02, 2003.

in answer to your ? does it sound really loud! i thought they did till my mate fired up his tl1000 with twin yoshi's on it... Blue Flame's are the best souding pipes i have ever heard i have the twin outlet polished titanium on my blade and which ever way you have them they sound immaculate

-- philip dennis (, July 12, 2004.

It's a strange thing noise - people relate it directly to speed and power. This is very often not the case in reality. Unless your going racing though it probably dosen't matter that your loud pipe is actually less efficient than STD. What realy matters is how you feel about it. I ride an F4 with STD pipes and love the sound it makes. I also ride an old CB750 (76) with 4 into 4 open race pipes, which is realy painfully slow by comparison, but oh the noise it makes.....I get home with a grin from ear to ear whichever I ride. Both turn heads, for different reasons, wherever we go.

-- Mark M (, July 13, 2004.

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