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Any opinions here? Also, are there any aftermarket improvements for better illumination. My opinion...the stock lights suck!

-- Larry Nipon (, August 04, 2002



You can try this upgrade. You just need a place for the ballast and your set.

-- mod (, August 27, 2002.

I am surprised to hear about your disappointments with the headlights. I find them to be quite bright and several riding buddies comment to me from time to time about how the light up the road ahead and like to ride behind me because of how well they work. Then again as we all know, it could be the fact that they look to look at the gorgeous exhaust that is on our MV's.

-- Pete (, August 04, 2002.

See, I agree with Larry here. When I ride at night, I notice that the upper "edge" of the beam is very pronounced. That is, you get light, then a hard line, then dark. It doesn't blend. The major problem with that is if you adjust the low beam higher so you aren't constantly over-riding it, then the high beam becomes too high. This is my experience anyway.


-- Andy Ruhl (, August 05, 2002.

The 24 hour racers have modified them to xenon lights, but require place for the high voltage transformer for the 17000volts they need to be lit on

-- hb (, August 26, 2002.

Hi Guys ,I also found the light poor at night have since fitted 100watt bulbs brilliant for admiring everthing for 200 + yards !

-- alex kennedy (, October 11, 2002.

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