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Please let me know what are the most common Make Of Tyres for my 2001 MV. I have just notched up 5000 miles and it is time to replace them, but i am not sure with what make. I have mitcheln pilots at the moment and have been quite pleased but i would like to try another make. Many Thanks In Advance..steve.

-- Steve Howe (justwest@sniffout.com), August 04, 2002


Pirelli Evo corsa's are the other OE fitment tyre for MV's......I have Pilots on mine, and I've had Evo Corsa's on my old 748.......I'll be staying with the Pilots....


-- Pete Hughes (hueyhuey@ozemail.com.au), August 05, 2002.

Hello Steve, I have 9500 miles on my 2000 F4S with the original pilots on them and can easily get another 1000 miles out of them. Stick with what works, I plan on replacing them with new pilots. P.S. those miles have NOT been at a leisurely pace.

-- Masis Yeterian (masisludiy@aol.com), August 05, 2002.

Pete, care to give me the quick dissertation on Pirelli Evo Corsa vs. Michelin Pilot Sport? That torched Michelin in that one pic you showed us is quite a statement of support for the Michelins... I haven't ridden a set of Michelins since '94. It's been all Dunlop, Metzler, and Pirelli since.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), August 10, 2002.

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