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Hi, My name is Gerald McManamon, and I'm from Chicago,IL. I was wondering, if AT ANY TIME, There was some sort of either Through, or Connecting Service, via the Souther Railway, from Chicago, to Lynchburg, Virginia? ALSO, were any Steam Excursions ever either run out of, OR through Lynchburg, VA. In addition, was there ever, OR WILL BE, a book on Postwar Southern Ry. Passenger Operations? My E-Mail Address is, Any response to my questions, WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Thank You

Gerald M. McManamon

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-- Gerald Martin McManamon (, August 04, 2002


You could have taken the Carolina Special from Chicago through Cincinnati to Asheville and on to Greensboro and then changed to any of the northbound trains - the Crescent, for example.

-- Tim Revis (, March 14, 2003.


Try finding a copy of the book titled "Night Trains" by Peter T. Maiken and published by Johns Hopkins University Press. It is an outstanding resource. Many of the Southern passenger trains are included in the text which is divided by state. Each state discussion then centers around the passenger service provided by the railroads operating there. Maps of each state indicate generally how the cities were connected by rail lines on which passneger trains operated. Coach only trains (locals especially) are not covered. The focus of the book is the trains in which Pullman sleeping car lines operated. There were many. And there is a very comprehensive section at the end of the book (again by state) that indicates schedules, consists, connections and locations within a state of any railroad's particular train. He uses an arbitrary midnight in 1952 as a reference point. Good luck.

-- Ray Brown (, April 22, 2003.

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