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Hi everyone! ;) I was just wondering if anyone knows when the next Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are coming out....;P I can't wait to see them!! Hope that Sean is still in HP!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG ;P Thanx!


-- Angie (the_love@passagen.se), August 04, 2002


I rate the second Lord of the Rings a 9. There is only 1 other book better than this one. When the second Harry Potter comes out I will judge it towards it.

-- David Roberts (dave_1982002@yahoo.com), November 21, 2002.

I like these books: Beowulf, one of the first books ever written. Very orginal but somewhat repeditive I rate it a 5 (okay).

I also enjoy the Lord of the Rings which is about a boy whose whole life is changed thanks to the most powerful ring alive(I guess.) lol. Although the last 2 were not as good as the first and prequel entitled the Hobbit. I rate it a 7(very good.)

Not to mention the Chornichles of Narinia In which some kids go to other "realms". It's very intresting although very old-timey. I rate in a 5 (okay).

And last but not least Harryt Potter in which a young boy goes to an extrodinary school. Very good but NO book is perfect except the Bible so I give Harry Potter a 9(VERY VERY GREAT EXCELLNT SUPERB).



-- elephantheadbob (none@NONE.com), November 09, 2002.

what can i say besides.....I LUV THE LORD OF TEH RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D I LUV IT I LUV IT I LUC IT!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! EVERY WAKING MOMENT HAS SOMETHIN TO DO W/ELIJAH WOOD OR LOTR! [aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh i love ELIJAH WOOD he iz ssssoooo H.O.T.] ayayayayayayayayayayayay! i GG, just thought the world shoule know i luv elijah wood!!!!! -black tigress ^_^ [ harry potter comes out nov-15/ & LOTR comes out Dec-18] oh boy!!!!!

-- MEGAN.....AND WELL YA (moontigress9@hotmail.com), November 02, 2002.

There are similarities between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but Lord of the Rings was not entirely original when written. Tolkien used many old myths and tales (eg Beowulf)and all fantasy builds on old fantasies. There are prevalent themes and characters in most of them that are the same- elves, dwarves etc. And the dark lord exists in every good story- there's always a 'baddie'. I agree that you can't say harry potter is bad when you have read lord of the rings beause they are different- a lot of people think that just because harry potter has had a movie made in America and has all of the merchandise it would be a stupid book. I think it is sad that people seem to be forgetting the Narnia chronicles....personally i think they are just as good (if not better) than Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

-- Dragmar Schneider (Dragmarschneider@yahoo.com), November 01, 2002.

Well there's no doubt the Harry Potter is excellent and very well written, but you have to admit that J.K. Rowling must have ripped off Lord of the Rings a bit.

Eg. Voldemort/Sauron are both known as the Dark Lord, were both defeated and were half-dead half-alive sort of thing, and want power to rule the world Dementors/Black Riders both are blind but can 'sense' stuff, also have a similar physical description That mirror in HP (forget what it's called)/The Mirror of Galadriel are both magical mirrors that can see beyond the present reality Concept of invisibility prevalent in both There's something similar to Butterbeer in LOTR Similarity in the naming of things... can't remember specifics Many more that I can't think of...

HP is still good but I would rate LOTR much higher... HP is just a kids book whereas LOTR is adult ficiton...

-- Foxy Cleopatra (bickychabe@hotmail.com), October 19, 2002.

monica ur worng J.K rowling dose'nt have writers block she has all 7 books finshed and i have'nt seen LOTR's yet but if i did raed the book i would'nt go off harry potter cos its so kool. :P

-- dilian (emmettohara02@hotmail.com), October 14, 2002.

harry potter and lord of the rings are the best! my life is them! but i'm kinda mad at sum of u ppl, i know its your opinion but why would you say that harry potter stinks after you read lord of the rings? before i was a harry potter freak but then i read lord of the ring and now i'm a harry potter and lord of the rings freak!!!!!!!!!i don't understand why everyone only likes one of them and hates the other. there both wonderful fantsys and awsome books and movies also they both have the cutest guys in them! so stop all your fussing.

-- ashley (lil_tiny_qt07@hotmail.com), October 02, 2002.

Hello every one I think Harry Potter is the greatest but who do u think would win in a battle?? Harry Potter or gandalf? I totally think gandalfwould kick his ass and just so u guys kno he who must not be named (Voldemort is soooooo cool and if i liived there i would join him) but i dont kno about killing harry potter I would rather kill Rita Skeeter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Tim Benshop (TMeek50@hotmail.com), September 09, 2002.

i seriously think that the harry potter books rocked, but the movie was a bit of a let down! lord of the rings, the two towers comes out on boxing day in australia! the same time it did last year!!! so maybe the third one comes out on the same date! i cant wait until the 5th harry potter book comes out! that will be exciting! i also suggest that you go to teh premier of lord of the rings and harry potter, not to watch it yourself, but to look at all of the wannabees all dressed up for it! luv ya!

-- unknown (disko_cow@hotmail.com), September 08, 2002.

I youse to be a fan of harry potter, untill I read lord of the rings. Now I think harry potter stinks. Its like driving a pinto all your life and being given a porsh. or living in the getto and then moving to the suburbs, you realize that the place you youse to live in is a dump. so let me say this to all you harry potter fans. If you read the LOTR trilligy you will realize how good the books are and how much harry potter stinks. Thank You

-- anonymous (CoolGuy45@hotmail.com), August 28, 2002.

I only know Harry Potter, my life revolves around it LOL! I know that Sean will be in the next one Ang, I'm just not sure how long....as long as there is Quidditch, there will be Sean LOL! Rupert will be in the next 2!!! Anyway, the second movie comes out November 15th, and the 5th book was supossed to be out on July 31, Harry's birthday, but JK Rowling was having writers block and it will be postponed until next year. Hope I helped!!!

Love and Pocky,

-- Monica (LedgersLady05@msn.com), August 16, 2002.

I know that the next Harry Potter movie is coming out November 15th, I was at the movies and I saw a poster. It had Dobby the elf on it! He was such a cutie, lol, anyways. I don't know when the next Lord of the Rings one comes out. How was the first one i still haven't seen I can't really stand to sit in the theater for too long so I odn't get out a lot to see them in the theaters! Do you know when the next Harry Potter book is supposed to come out? I've been looking for that one! Hope I helped! Keep Rockin' :D

-- CJ (c_jo41@hotmail.com), August 10, 2002.

Hey Angie!! Lord of the Rings is coming out December 18... that is in the US though so i dunno if it is the same for Sweden!!! Harry Potter is opeing November 16 or somthing likt that... but i know it is in November!!! same thing about it opeing in the US on those dates..so i dunno about Sweden!!! :O)~ I can't wait for them either...they are great movies!! : talk to ya lata!!! ~~~ sue ~~~

-- Sue (monkeygal55@aol.com), August 05, 2002.

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