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I have recently (last week) purchased a wooden caboose with center cupola. I am still working out the details on having it moved to my home so I haven't had a chance to find any markings on it. The exterior has been repainted covering up any painted markings. Does any one know how or where I could find any markings to identify the manufacturer,year,model or history? Also I would like to restore it back to its original state so any information on interior layouts or places to locate original parts would be helpful.

-- Dave Warren (, August 04, 2002


The only information I have is that the caboose was moved from Ann Arbor to Rockford,Mi. The woodstove says (UNION CABOOSE NO.29)and the trucks (SOUTHERN TOLEDO AAR 1941) and (SOUTHEN TOLEDO AAR 1951).Who knows which parts are original.I did notice the outline of a 3 in the lower center on one side.

-- Dave Warren (, August 05, 2002.

Usually cabooses and freight cars had the initials and number stenciled on the underframe and on each truck bolster. ACL also usually hammered the number into the underframe with dies (about half- inch numerals). These practices could of course vary considerably depending on the railroad in question. If you could supply more info about the caboose's appearance, original location, etc., that would be helfpul in identifying it. It's also possible that an old number stencil could still be visible under the present paint - if so, looking at the typical number locations (over the end doors, the lower center of the side) in the right light might reveal an outline. If you have a scan of the caboose, e mail that to me off- list and that could be a starting point.

-- Larry Goolsby (, August 05, 2002.

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