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Girls are panting for more


WOMEN have declared Marks & Spencer’s new bulge-enhancing wonderpants for men a truly swell idea.

Yesterday we told how the company had developed the upfront undies, called Urban Survivor, to do for men’s tackle what the Wonderbra has done for women’s boobs.

To find out what effect the £8 not-so-smalls would have on the ladies, we sent model Jeremy Frisbee out on a “package” tour of London’s streets.

With him was pal Edward Cutcliffe, 22, who was wearing his normal no-support Calvin Kleins.

Box of tricks ... girls in bar get an eyeful

Without the benefit of the “pulling pants”, poor Edward was ignored by the girls, who only had eyes for Jeremy.

Receptionist Michelle Peak, 24, of Beckenham, Kent, said: “The pants are great. I am shocked that they can do that for a man.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off his bulge. Who says size doesn’t matter?.”

Giant sighs ... Jez and Cathy Cook

Credit controller Tasmin Nother, 26, from Enfield, Middlesex, said: “I wouldn’t like my man wearing them if he was going to get all this attention.

“But they are great for a guy who has a maggot rather than a snake.”

But supervisor Michele Faires, 24, said: “I’m not bothered about size. It’s what you do with it. My boyfriend would be too embarrassed to wear these.”

Grandmother Cathy Cook, from St Katherine’s Dock, East London, said: “I don’t know where to look. I am shocked that good old Marks & Sparks have come up with this. I’m not too sure if I could get my two sons to wear them.”

PA Anna Hazel, 33, from Camberwell, south London, said: “What a whopper! My hubby is just fine down there but it’s a great thing for men to be able to buy from the high street.”

Marina Chrysanthou, 29, an accounts assistant from Camberley, Surrey, said: “For years women have been able to buy push-up bras and tummy controller underwear so it’s about time men had something to help them in that region.”

Marks & Spencer yesterday bought 1,000 copies of The Sun featuring their undies. They will be given to menswear departments to help them cope with the rush of customers when the smalls go on sale nationwide next month.

-- (, August 03, 2002


link with pics!

-- (, August 03, 2002.

Yeah, yeah nem, but Edward has a cuter face! And besides, a two dollar stick pepperoni has the same effect, plus ya got a snack ifn yer hungry!

-- Aunt Bee (, August 04, 2002.

"But they are great for a guy who has a maggot rather than a snake."

The English have a way with words. ; )

Hey, Nemesis, I see the next Star Trek movie is named after you.

-- Pammy (, August 04, 2002.

This violates the "Truth in Packaging" law.

-- (lorelei@jiffy.lube), August 04, 2002.

These push-up pants make the man look like he has an erection. But, we women know that a man who has an erection just from talking to us is a lousy sex partner. Just like an adolescent boy, his race is over before he ever gets out of the starting blocks, know what I mean? Sorry guys.

However, I have heard that a man using such techniques as stuffing his briefs with a sock is common among the homosexual population. So, maybe these push up pants are meant to attract a different audience? How predictable of the fashion industry!

-- (just, August 04, 2002.

great for priapism

-- (Dr Dean Edell @, August 05, 2002.

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