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The photo circulating on the Net captioned "A Really Bad Day" has been officially declared as a fake by

-- (, August 02, 2002


PhotoshopRulz, please return to entertain us.

-- (, August 02, 2002. mean some dope thought that looked real?

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 02, 2002.

Yeah Unk, same dope who thought Traficunt had real hair.

-- (hee haaaw @ evening. chuckle), August 02, 2002.

Attacking the messenger, Trollboy?

-- (, August 02, 2002.

Word on Sir James's hair was that no rug could look that bad so it must be real.

-- Carlos (, August 03, 2002.

And it was even up for debate???

Party on Garth!!!

-- capnfun (, August 03, 2002.

And it was really even up for debate???

Party on Garth!!!

-- capnfun (, August 03, 2002.

Yeah, Photoshop Rulz, if you're out there please put a short black mustache on this bastard. I'll bet he looks just like Adolph Hitler.

-- (ugly@pug.mug), August 03, 2002.

If Hitler didn't wear glasses, try this one.

-- (psychotic eyes @ fascist. dictator), August 03, 2002.

Trollboy stop posting pictures of yourself to the internet.

-- (trollboy@geeky.looking), August 03, 2002.

Let the eagles soooooaaaaaar!

-- (Ashcroft@better AG than.Butch Reno), August 03, 2002.

Traficunt even had a bad merkin. I know because I was his intern for a year in DC. I spotted it right away cuz I'm an expert on male pube hair.

-- (He shoulda @ been.a pug), August 03, 2002.

What's a merkin?

-- helen (, August 04, 2002.

Um, Helen, go to and look at #21 for your answer. Sorry hon, not a good hotlinker! How's Mike doin? And how's the rest of the family~? I'll be lookin for an e from ya!

-- Aunt Bee (, August 04, 2002.

Ashcroft looks like the kind of guy who comes home from work every day, has a couple double scotches and slips into one of his wife's pink teddies. Then he makes his wife bend over and take it in the rump from their german shepherd, while he watches and spanks his little monkey. This is all okay of course, because then he gets up every morning and reads scripture from the bible to a bunch of other perverted southern redneck politicians who did similar things to their wives the night before.

-- (fascists @ are. sickos), August 05, 2002.

R edneck, redneck, redneck, nanner, nanner, nanner

-- (Billy Bob @ Angelina' removal parlor), August 05, 2002.

"Traficunt even had a bad merkin."

Shouldn't be a problem in prison, most of the sexual activity will be coming at him from the backside. If he wants to make friends in there he should forget the merkin and keep his ass looking nice.

-- (shine that ass up bitch @ daddy's. home), August 05, 2002.

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