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Hi...i realise that many dance schools with different styles have different orders in adavus.i would like to know what are the 108 adavus in kalakshetra style or adyar lakshman's styles e and what are the names of it. i appreciate if someone could help me with that in orders as for teaching.... hope to hear some reply soon/.....thank you


-- pamela siva manalan (, August 01, 2002


Hi! I am learning Bharatanatyam in the Vazhavoor style right now,but learnt the basics in Kalakshetra style.I have forgotten the order myself & would love to know the order as well as the number of adavus in each set.....for example:8 tattadavus,8 nattadavus,etc.Also,I would like to know if there are any books available about Bharatanatyam theory;specially the different hand gestures of the individual mudras of Asamyutha & Samyutha Hasthas.For example:Pataka Hastha Viniyogaha,Tripataka Hastha Viniyogaha.


-- radhika muralidharan (, September 22, 2003.

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