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After using this wonderful site last year and following it's advice about what documentation to ask the B and B for I have been left alone, today out of the blue I have received a request for I and E form? Is this normal practice? They have never supplied the documentation I asked for it is like starting from beginning again.What should i do? Reply as before,months of requesting same info wasting time and effort writing letters just to be ignored by them or shall I do the ignoring now and leave well alone??

-- Debbie Beal (, July 31, 2002


Just SARN them. Do nothing else at this time.

-- Too scared to say (, July 31, 2002.

I wouldn't ignore them. I'd write back to them stating 'that you are still awaiting the information which you requested. Until you have this information then you are unable to verify whether the debt they are seeking is valid'. Good Luck

-- (, July 31, 2002.

Make sure all letters are sent recorded delivery,if you did not last time this could be their way out.

-- David (, August 10, 2002.

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