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Can anyone help me find information on artists working during the psychedelia era mainly 1965-1970? I want to find out if their work was directly affected by the psychedelic scene going on around them in san francisco. This is for my BA Hons dissertation,I'm having diffeculty getting started from England, any help would be appriciated.

-- Fiona Butler (, July 31, 2002


I hope this does not come too late to help u for your dissertation ,but when I saw your post it immediately brought to mind a late 1960's artist named Peter Max who did pictures of stars,moon,and sun pictures that became so popular the patterns of his work were printrd on bedsheets,towels,curtains,etc..As for the other artists there were some but it's been so long I can hardly remember who they were.Hope this has helped somewhat and is not too late.Howard.

-- Howard Codd (, July 25, 2003.

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