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Man Shot Dead over Heaven and Hell Argument Tue Jul 30, 9:54 AM ET

GODLEY, Texas (Reuters) - An argument over who was going to heaven and who was going to hell ended with one Texas man shooting another to death with a shotgun, police said on Monday.

Johnny Joslin, 20 was allegedly shot by Clayton Frank Stoker, 21, on Sunday. The two had spent Saturday with two other men night bar hopping in Fort Worth, about 40 miles northeast of Godley.

Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford said a witness who was the designated driver for the group told police the four men were sitting at a table outside a trailer park after their night on the town and entered into an argument about religion. The talk became heated when the subject turned to who would go to heaven and who would go to hell.

Stoker said he would settle the argument and went into a house and returned with a shotgun, which he loaded and placed in his mouth, Alford said the witness reported.

"The victim Joslin then took the gun out of Stokers mouth, saying, 'If you have to shoot somebody, shoot me,'" Alford said, citing the witness report.

The shotgun went off, hitting Joslin in the chest and killing him.

Stoker, a Johnson County corrections officer, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder, Alford said.

-- lol (gettin a taste @ of their. own medicine), July 30, 2002


"sitting at a table outside a trailer park"

How did you miss this? A perfect chance to ridicule "trailer trash".

-- (, July 30, 2002.

This argument took place in Godley, Texas? Is this from the Onion?

-- Flint (, July 30, 2002.

"Stoker, a Johnson County corrections officer, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder"

This wuz part of my injeenyus straturgy while I wuz Guvner o' Texus. We hire unstaybull retards to be duh korexshuns offsers, and evenshully dey will kill most of duh prizners. This will save us a lot o'money on duh elektrickle bill for duh exekewshuns!

-- Dumbya (yep@my.ideeuh), July 30, 2002.

Hey ‘Dumbya’, speaking of “unstaybull retards”, what time of day do your meds kick-in?

-- The (official@moron.patrol), July 30, 2002.

Dumbya is supposed to be taking his meds all the time, but he often forgets when he starts playing with his doggie. We always give him a double dose before he goes out in public, but it doesn't usually help.

-- Dick Cheney (he's givin me @ friggin heart attacks. dammit!), July 30, 2002.

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