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I saw a simliar post a couple days back and I also need to take my MV for its first service. Now this is the thing I am confused about. I called two dealers up and they quoted me two prices. One for $400 and the other for $800. The dealer that quoted me the $800 said that a valve adjustment is needed on the the first service and the one that quoted me for $400 said that a valve adjustment was not needed. Which is true and which one should I go to? Please help. Thanks!

-- santi (, July 30, 2002


I posted this answer in the Past: (if you go for the valves adjustment , ask a record for before and after and the size of the shim)

(past posting)About valves adjustment, all my exhaust valves were off (one size shim)the intake were good. Nothing to worry about, neverless off design specification. This would translate (probably) into a small loss in power, more valve noise, and increase wear. I would recomand every one to have there valves check, (by a good mechanic I assume).( a good +10 hours job)

-- o (, July 30, 2002.

According to the manual the first 1000km/600Miles valve checking is needed. Next service at 6000km/3600miles no checking, next check is at 12000km/7200 miles.

-- hb (, July 31, 2002.

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