Wildwood, FL SAL depot

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When was the old Wildwood, Florida passenger station demolished? A new station (passenger & freight?) was constructed in 1950-51. How would I locate the drawings for the "new" station?

-- Carrie Scupholm, visitor (cscupholm@earthlink.net), July 30, 2002


Since the new Winter Haven station was mentioned, does anyone know why it was needed, since the orginal station is still standing directly across from the new one, apparently in use by the adjacent citrus processor. Thanks!

-- Bob Venditti (bobvend@bellsouth.net), July 31, 2002.

Carrie, I did the article for Lines South. Since that book is no longer available I would be happy to provide you with a copy of the drawings. Please email me your mailing address.

Carey stevens ca.stevens@att.net

-- Carey Stevens (ca.stevens@att.net), July 31, 2002.

Actually the new station (still standing today)was built about 1947 and at the same time as the new Winter Haven station. Our magazine "Lines South" Spring 1992 Vol9 #3 has an article as well as drawings.I am not sure but I believe it might be out of print.

-- Joseph Oates (jlosal@mindspring.com), July 30, 2002.

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