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This is Snyper with Science Funktion Recordings here in Atlanta, I will be in and out of the Charlotte area a good bit now and am looking for promoters in the area and/or party listings... If anyone reading this would like copies of my cd's, hit me up at or

Thanks in advance to anyone with info- Respekt- Snyper Science Funktion Rec.

AIM - SnyperST

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002


hey. i think i might have met you in the mythos parking lot. you were handing out flyers for the carbon party?...maybe, maybe not. i was driving a white jetta and said i was interested in helping you promote, becoming more involved in throwing parties, etc. i would like to check out a cd of yours. just email me back, and maybe we can talk about this. ..i have only been involved in the party scene for a few months but have some pretty good connections and am looking to help out anyone who is into all of this for the right reasons. thaks and good luck. write me if you want...plur, amber:)

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

i really donno but throw parties soon plez

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

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